Aircraft pilot batch of Tu-204SM got APU TA18-200M

"Scientific-Production Enterprise Aerosila" began shipping APU for aircraft Tu-204SM.

SPE "Aerosil" has already begun to supply the APU TA18-200M aircraft for pilot run, and planned to supply this type of APU in 2011 and the first production aircraft. At present NPP "Aerosil" for Tu-204SM already put on two APU Contract with "Aviastar-SP", on which are built Tu-204SM. APU third entity will deliver in May and June of this year. In the same year, SPE "Aerosil" should put the three APU TA18-200M — another APU third prototype Tu-204SM and two APU already as serial products for aircraft production in 2012

The auxiliary gas turbine power unit (APU) provides:
— Starting the engine in the air in case they stop
— Air conditioning and ventilation of the cockpit and passenger cabin while the aircraft is on the ground,
— Autonomy of the combat use of combat and transport aircraft and helicopters out of their dependence on the special ground equipment.

The creation of advanced and improvement of existing MAT is conducted in accordance with the long-term program in three standard sizes: 100, 250, and 350 kW of equivalent power. The enterprise has created three sizes MAT — TA14, certified at the beginning of the last decade, TA18 and TA18-100-200, as well as a number of modifications on the basis of MAT belonging to these standard sizes. Making the APU is on the premises of NPP "Aerosil".

Despite the fact that the certification flight tests of the aircraft Tu-204SM at that time had not yet been completed, the certification tests APU TA14-200M will be completed. Now comes the debugging of software and electronics.

Specifications TA18-200:
Power take-AC kVA — 60
Altitude launch and operation of the regime, m — 9000
Operating temperature range, ° C — ± 60
Weight (no generator), kg — 190
Initial assigned resource, h / start — 2000/4000
The assigned resource, hours / start — 12000/15000

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