Alaska volcano woke up one more

Alaska volcano awoke another danger zone

Some of the active volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands joined Kanaga Volcano, located 50 km to the east of Adak. This is evidenced by weak ash cloud apparent in satellite images. Projected eruption may be serious enough to clouds of ash up to 6 km above sea level, so the observatory in Alaska raised alarm in the region to the yellow level. The last time Kanaga erupted in 1994, but the lava flows and explosive material were minor.

It should be noted that on 15 February near Adak was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter depth of 76.9 km, located 88 km south-west of the city center and only 28 km from the nearby volcano Tanaga. Seismic activity continued on February 20 in a 4.2-magnitude earthquake 127 kilometers north-east of Adak (epicenter depth of 114 km) and a number of smaller fluctuations. This only confirms the readiness Kanaga to erupt.

Kanaga volcano in Alaska

The volcano is located in the northern part of the island of the same name in the south of the Aleutian Islands. Kanaga is covered with layers of slag, basalt and andesite, and is a symmetric cone volcano, whose height 1307 meters and a diameter of 4.8 km. Currently, it attracted the attention of seismologists in the region, as well as to the volcano Cleveland, who in the last couple of weeks has been an increase of volcanic domes.

Topographical map of Kanaga Volcano

Current status of the volcano

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