Alaverdi for the CIA

Recently, on the site of "Military Review" published an article about how the West perceives Russia, its history, culture, geography, industry and the economy. This article was created on the basis of materials from the site of the Central Intelligence Agency, where the most detailed manner described Russia. And the description is done in such a way that any adequate person understands the nature of the information provided by the CIA as calculated on the poorly educated representative of modern Western society, who after reading siih materials should make the "correct" view of the distant snow-covered and certainly Russia.

With all that in humans, as they say, with his head on his shoulders, "CIA shnye" rants about the state of Russia if the cause is not just anger, that kind of feeling that is deployed against our country is a real information war on many fronts. Well, or just grin …

Unfortunately, Russian officials CIA counterparts in no hurry to build a database of the different areas of the United States in order to show and the vision of this issue. It is therefore decided to present the materials that would be able to "shed light" on the state of the United States of America on the path to their present position. This information may be used in Western academic literature, thence to the younger generation is more aware of the aspects of life, history, economy and culture of the area from Honolulu to Miami.

U.S. History

America was discovered in 1000, the Icelandic Viking Leif Eriksson, who was then hardly knew what awaits the fate of this land to be the most democratic and legal state in the world, and therefore called it Vinland. Most Americans believe that this word should be translated as land of victory, although Eriksson just like the local wine grape, so he decided for this winter to occupy a small piece of the freest in the world of land on the planet …

After some time, America had to open again (at the end of the 15th century) because of Facebook and Twitter at the time was not yet, and Leif, though he surname Eriksson, so do the Europeans, who by that time had not yet come together in a large and, most importantly, the financial stability of the European Union, is not told in his LiveJournal … that is the logbook.

Re lucky enough to discover America Christopher Columbus, who, though not honored to once again open the territory was named in his honor. Well, in fact, is able to afford the real Americans, who absorbed the democracy of African-American slaves with the milk-mother, to let their country would later be called the United States of Colombia.

Next, the history of America is experiencing a sharp jump in 1607, when the territory of the overseas lands were first introduced by the British. They are then able to conduct operations to restore constitutional order in any area, so soon after their arrival here and was cleaned up in opposition to the bloody regime of the local Indians.

Soon unquenchable thirst for independence was overcome Americans who had already felt every fiber that freedom from British colonization somewhere nearby, then to go to the colonization by other states. This thirst was quenched by the Boston Tea Party ("Boston Tea Paty"), which ushered in a revolution. The revolution in the U.S. is notable because it showed the world the person who was to become printed on a national U.S. currency a 1 dollar.

Gradually, the United States turned to the state, which finally established on three basic democratic foundations: the slave system, the dollar and double standards. On the territory of the democratic state has seen first concentration camp, which contained those declared non-systemic opposition. In the non-systemic opposition entered the Indian tribes whose leaders were on duty status bloody dictators.

To free the Indians from reservations and dungeons to end human rights violations in the United States, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. The American people did not want retaliation for Tokyo, but ill-conceived policies of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt led U.S. soldiers to fight against them so close in spirit to brown the regime of Germany, Japan and Italy. Maybe that's why the American soldiers fought frankly bad and sluggish. Only after it became clear that the Soviet army wins the war, the Americans decided to go for more action, because the enemy-it was already in a critical state of shock knockout of Soviet troops. So the American army took advantage of his chance as the unlucky hunter, photographed with an animal that came from another hunter.

Next to the U.S. authorities wanted to own and win, which was occupied by Vietnam. American army of occupation with the active support of corrupt authorities began to carry out ethnic cleansing in the territory of Vietnam and participate in other war crimes. During the occupation of the country by order of the U.S. government were killed over a million people that the world sees as an obvious genocide of the Vietnamese people. Due to the weak tactical training and poor personal discipline American army lost during administration of genocide, more than 360,000 people dead and wounded. Meetings of the American people, which took place during the Vietnam conflict of the sixties and seventies, most violently suppressed anti-democratic methods: the police applied the protesters seriously injured, poisoned tear gas.

After the Vietnam War, the U.S. finally getting in the way of runaway militarism that led to the fact that each new addition to the U.S. Army engaged in a particular military conflict, which strongly support the opposition Americans.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, which could organize themselves and American intelligence services, the then President of the United States have a reason to freely invade any country in the world where the U.S. has its own interests (often it is strategically important oil or territorial position). This is how dotted with poppy plantations in Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are genocide of the Afghan people. Iraq and Libya were transformed into free territory for pumping oil.

Today, the government is President Obama, who continues a policy of genocide in foreign countries, and for the safety of their actions is building a missile defense system on the territory of the countries that receive funding through the preferences of corrupt officials.

Social life and the economic situation in the U.S.

As a result of ill-conceived immigration policy the United States is now divided into zones of influence of ethnic gangs. The southern states of the country populated by immigrants from Latin America. Total "Latinos" in the United States according to official statistics there are about 51 million people. This is more than 16% of the population. At the same time, so far the U.S. government is not going to recognize an independent Hispanic state in the territory. This is contrary to all norms of international law, as is the number of people speaking the same language, have the right to their own state, separate from the aggressive assimilation policy.

Unemployment in the United States is about 9%, while the local statistical agencies direct orders of the authorities hide the real number, which can be 1.5 times higher. The rate of unemployment leads to what is already large American city on the outskirts of populated gangs of unemployed, which have adjacent representatives of national minorities, whose rights are infringed upon by the local authorities.

By the level of health of the United States ranked 72 in the world and despite the fact that health authorities spend about $ 7,500 per person per year. States ranks 41st in infant mortality, which is a very poor indicator of the developed countries. More than 30 million U.S. citizens have no health insurance, and therefore can not receive even basic medical care. This is because the cost of insurance is very high and the average citizen the U.S. (especially the unemployed) can not afford to buy it. Because of the lack of such a large number of people in the U.S. health insurance here every year (according to official statistics) kills about 20,000 people who never received medical care. At Harvard University cites a figure of 48,000 deaths. In fact, even this figure can easily multiply by 2.

About 1 million 100 thousand people in the U.S. today are not aware of ratification. About 15% of school-age children are forced to go to fee-paying schools, the cheapest of which are schools with a religious bent. This largely explains the situation to the fact that today the United States has several sects, which receive funding through special school funds. Due to the fact that there are no uniform educational standards, there is a situation when a student who has completed satisfactorily one of the schools, for example, in Iowa, fails the examination for admission to the College of the State of New York, as he is studying a subject on which he had to take an exam with a list of local high school does not appear.

The economic model of the U.S. today is extremely volatile, primarily due to the fact that the country has recorded a huge foreign debt. For debt of the USA ranks first in the world. Today, the U.S. debt is over 15.5 trillion dollars. It turns out that every American has more than 50-thousand dollars. Despite the fact that the minimum hourly wage in the U.S. is about $ 5, it turns out to pay off the debt, the average American has, very hard to work 417 days without rest breaks. In the U.S., more than 700,000 homeless, whose number is increasing every year.


The United States is waging an aggressive anti-ecological policies. So far, Washington has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol, which allows American industry uncontrollably emit greenhouse gases. Today, 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions — are products of U.S. companies that pollute the atmosphere of the planet. Because of this environmental policy the U.S. die each year several species of animals and plants. Since 2050, according to U.S. scientists on Earth will disappear for about 7% of the flora and fauna that we have the good fortune to watch today.

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