Almost 25 thousand Afghan soldier deserted from the army

Nearly 25,000 soldiers have deserted from the Afghan armyThe number of desertions from the ranks of the Afghan national army (ANA) has recently time grows rapidly, said in a local TV channel Sun "Tolo" referring to the NATO statistics and reports of some Western media.

According to the "Tolo" in the true time Every seventh ANA soldier deserting the army ranks, for the first six months of 2011 more than 24 thousand Afghan soldier fled from the army to their homes. For the first six months of 2010 the figure was about half the size.

Exceptionally, in June of the present year, the Afghan army had deserted over 5 thousand people, said the channel, according to which it is approximately 3% of the total strength of the ANA (about 170 thousand people).

The worst situation was observed with desertion in 2009, when the number of deserters exceeded the number of newly recruited soldiers. But this trend was reversed in 2010 by carrying out a brutal campaign of recruiting and substantial salary increases military ranks.

As local observers, the recent time also increasing desertion from the ranks of the police. This is explained by the fact that the government is delaying the already poorly paid military and police because of the difficulties experienced by Afghan budget. It has been several months since the IMF froze the granting of another tranche of money from donor countries, the Afghan government, putting forward a number of mandatory criteria.

According to RIA announcements, this ultimatum IMF Afghan government, aiming at the highest transparency in spending, consists of 12 pt. Last Fri including the transfer of cash, which are stored in the Arg presidential palace in Kabul, Afghan The Central Bank, on the Afghan side did not agree.

According to some reports, the presidential palace can be stored for at least four billion dollars of currency.

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