Almost a world tour of Leon Panetta

Tron world hegemony under the staggered America. Then Brazil's GDP grows, it will pop up a BRICS-the-box features, our homeland does not agree with the position of the State Department on Syria, China has stated that spendest adopted more than 100 billion dollars, and it is the same with Japan will directly change the currency — the yuan the yen, despite the greenback.

Leon Panetta, U.S. Secretary of Defense, made an unusual move. Earlier, America has always found — and ideally located — for themselves opponents. Mr. Panetta decided to go the other way — and try to find friends in the world.

Nearly a world tour of Leon Panetta

You just do not think what he started it just like that, without a second thought — as if the boy in the yard, bored alone. Panetta find the friends with whom you can put together a gang to run against China, spending together right foreign policy in Asia-Pacific.

He began … with Colombia. Arriving on April 23 in Bogota, he became a praise delicious Colombia, which was once a haven for drug dealers, but now almost overcame drug plague. The Pentagon chief, praising Colombia, not forgotten praise and the United States: after 11 years to reverse this majestic country has signed with Colombia agreement on cooperation in the military sphere, in full compliance with which Washington has allocated its own generous southern partner 8 billion dollars — No means, but in terms of equipment and training services. And now the United States, according to Mr. Panetta can be happy successes of the Colombian army in the war against drug traffickers. This phrase Colombians should have realized that their success in the fight against cocaine barons without the United States would be called by another name. Or, perhaps, the cocaine barons would read about the success of the Colombian army.

Such a dramatic change occurred in the country in just a couple of years. Colombian military, wrote in his article Luis Ramirez ("Voice of America"), "Dealt a serious blow to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia," and in fact before the guys from this powerful organization "for several decades" kidnapped and executed people. Behind these seemingly clear words clearly emerges majestically silhouette of Brotherly America, always ready to come to the aid of The smallest brother of Colombia.

Today in Bogota as well, says Ramirez, that its inhabitants' possible to see in restaurants and nightclubs a few hours after the coming of the darkness that was unimaginable at the time of rampant crime a couple of years ago. "

A few hours later, after the coming of darkness in the restaurants and clubs? .. To me, it means that Americans planted Colombians south american lifestyle. The population of Bogotá, not on another, was become an inveterate drunkard, imitating the popular on U.S. covert agents who not so long ago showed unsophisticated audience in Cartagena, how to drink, dance, and almost for nothing to shoot 24-year-old prostitutes.

South American defense minister promised that the U.S. will try to friendship, despite the financial crisis reducing the Pentagon's abilities, and continue to help Colombia. For example, to sell her helicopter gunships on a solid price and prepaid. Colombia in general — America's closest friend in the region. Not much there, Comrade Chavez goes on the attack? Out how many guns he purchased from the Russian Federation. Panetta probably studying ratings TSAMTO and knows that in 2011 Venezuela won 1st place among global buyers of Russian ground weapons. Chavez bought from the Russian Federation T-72B1 tanks, BMP-3M, BTR-80A, 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 "MSTA-S", 120-mm self-propelled mortars 2S23 "Nona-SVK", 120-mm mortars 2S12A "Sani" 122-mm multiple rocket launchers 9K51 BM-21 "Grad", a 23-mm anti-aircraft guns ZU-23/30M1-4, etc. Therefore, if the United States would have a hard time, brotherly Colombia, it will help in the fight against the socialist regional aggressor. The geographical position obliges.

Panetta and was about to say about China, threatening the peaceful Colombia, but here attached to it irritating members of the press. These little people all announcements Give. Once there is no sensationalism, and the third world war will go and the adventures of hidden agents Colombian girl. According to some rumors, journalists provoked questions about the minister, and is it true that in America such rampant crisis that wages secret services done pretty fast, and now the whole team has to chip hidden agent per Putana — well, it is not enough. Senior bureaucrats had, as they say, is rapidly goodbye and go as quickly as possible in the subsequent friendly country — Brazil.

Panetta's visit to Brazil was even less successful. In 1-x, this country and Venezuela (by the way, and China) has no quarrel, and there is no propaganda slogans Panetta provezut. In-2, Brazil, according to most of America — "global power." B-3, Brazil — the BRICS member (and China), and in this union five states is our homeland, which just sells gun Venezuela, and sells generously to own a credit issued by Venezuela. Putin and Chavez — brothers that much can be done here! Both despots, Tera, often undermine democracy in their own countries, the opposition is soldered to 15 days. And both do not like America. Fourth, as Panetta in Brazil opened his mouth, so talk tight fit on military cooperation, trade and prestigious cybersecurity today, so he was interrupted.

And Mr. Minister again had read about muddled. You could have to stay in Colombia.

Brazilian journalists claimed by the Minister of Defence majestically Country's response to the December scandal with South American servicemen which from the above-mentioned intoxicated scandal Cartagena differed ruthlessness.

The fact that the carriers of good democracy showed its face and in Brazil. And Panetta, instead of to lead rank befitting such rank discussions on trade military technology and strategic alliance against China, had to take the rap for the three U.S. Marines, watchmen of the U.S. Embassy, which inflicted with the embassy employee injury Putana. Girl dancer with which the brave watchmen not agree on a price, was pushed out of the car on the road — and broke her collarbone.

Panetta explained the long-Brazilians that these brutal Marines in the country is no more, that they even demoted. He Panetta will not put up with similar behavior — "either in this country or elsewhere" (here he probably remembered Colombia).

Later, Panetta spoke of the aircraft. He decided to promote Brazil in the currency crisis help America, and in return the money America would give Brazil the Khoi-what product. Good product, albeit expensive. USA can implement Brazil 36 warplanes «Super Hornet» just a 5 billion. bucks (well, at 4). Brazil only need to press on with a positive solution. For now, Washington offers aircraft and tomorrow may change her mind. Not familiar with the marketing of the Minister of War: no need to put pressure on the potential client. The client understands that the merchant has nowhere to go. All the more so that the hapless trader must be figured out that he is not alon
e in the world market. Also — what kind of Panetta's friend? He himself says that now, he says, yes, tomorrow — there. With friends and enemies do not need to.

Brazilian aircraft offered by other vendors. "In addition to the company Boeing — writes Neil Nikandrov (Strategic Culture Foundation), — In the fight for a contract involving the French — aircraft Rafale (company Dassault Aviation) and the Swedes — the plane Grippen (Saab). In addition, the Brazilians are very saddened by the fact that the contract was canceled on supplies to Afghanistan light aircraft of Embraer in the amount of 380 million dollars. It happened due to the fault of a competing company from the United States. Similar cases of South American intervention in the sphere of military-technical cooperation Brazilian collected a lot. The company Embraer, namely, could not bring a lucrative deal with the Venezuelans. Part of devices Super Tornado aircraft components has been made in the United States. Under this pretext, the Americans blocked the deal. "

In general, empty-handed Panetta umotal from sunny Brazil, in the woods with lots of feral monkeys.

In Chile, there were no scandals muddled, and no particular friendship. Hard to read about the "expansion of cooperation in the field of defense and security" between the U.S. and Chile, where the parliamentary groups of the country together with human rights defenders condemn financing of the U.S. Southern Command Military Base in Valparaiso. By the way, Mr. Panetta enlightened inhabitants of Chile in a geographical sense: in his words there learned, as Americans and Chileans — "Pacific nation."

In general, it is unlikely Chileans will sail to wage war with the Chinese, if they would call the South American patriot Panetta.

After Chile's defense minister at the time, came back to America. To come to himself slightly, he spoke to those who are always well aware of him, the graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. He trained on them — in front of his second tour, already Asia.

Graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy learned from the Minister of Defense of the United States — a sea power, which vorachivaetsya to its roots. He also explained the future of the Mariners that their generation will have to sustain and strengthen the South American presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

All realized that Panetta hints at the gain is not entirely friendly Chinese military power is growing, but the head of the Pentagon began to speak about the need to strengthen and develop cooperation in the military field with China and so makarom ensure peace in the region. Panetta also said that this year, flies to China where he has never been as Minister of Defense.

Do not we, as a democratic hodgepodge.

June 4, Pentagon chief arrives in Hanoi. Here he was with a truly Vietnamese politeness reminded of a time of war. Marianne Brown of "Voice of America" delicately puts it: "Ministers representing countries that had once fought against each other, exchanged artifacts of war — diary of the dead Vietnamese soldier in the battle of letters and South American officer who served in Vietnam."

America is headed for a truly tremendous progress in relations with Vietnam. In recent years, the Vietnamese port of Kamran repaired … 5 U.S. courts. This, according to M. Brown, is on the consent of Vietnam "to perform light maintenance operations on American vessels not taking part in hostilities."

Panetta, inspired by the Vietnamese-American progress in lung repair operations went from Hanoi to Singapore.

Here he opened to the public the South American card. The Chinese, of course, no fool, and realized against anyone collecting "friends" of America in the person of the sovereign head of the Pentagon — and in Singapore for a conference on security does not come Defense Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Academy of Military Sciences. Mr. Panetta, who was surrounded by a decent state of war lords, including the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Dempsey and Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Locklear was against the background of a lonely friend from China as much as winter lady with her name on a background of moderate Musketeers Athos. Evasion of the visit to Singapore Defense Minister Liang Guanglie comrade something reminiscent of ignoring comrade Putin's G8 summit in Camp David.

In general the growth of tension in relations between the U.S. and China due to the adoption of the January 3, 2012 Washington document entitled «Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense». This strategy was declare that the rise of China in the long run can affect the economy and security of the United States. The main points in U.S. military strategy is to reduce the number of U.S. military forces in the simultaneous concentration of budget resources for the development of satellites and unmanned aircraft. The strategy also involves refocusing resources on the APR. Hence it is clear that the Obama administration, reducing military spending, does not allow them to reduce the APR on the strip. On the contrary, we are talking about the "reorientation" in the Asia-Pacific region. And in Singapore, the head of the Pentagon only confirmed the fear of China.

Central to the formation of the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region is subsequent: In-1's, the United States is going to increment the number of own ships with 282 to 300 and to equip them with modern weapons, in-2, to change the balance of ships (currently half of them are located in the Pacific Ocean, half — in the Atlantic, it the ratio will be changed accordingly 60: 40), in-3, the Pentagon wants to send the APR fighter fifth generation «Joint Strike Fighter», attacking class submarines «Virginia», which can operate in shallow waters and also electronic warfare and a high-precision instrument. Sovereign Panetta said naizloveschim voice: "We will be deliberate, and in turn shift the balance inexorably put our armed forces in support of this important principle for our region."

Here's a friendship. It is logical that Liang Guanglie on the forum did not go to dissuade the "urgent business." Such a comrade, such as Chinese minister Defense, often-repeated words about the development of mutual understanding and strengthening military ties are not up to snuff. China has long been not a country that could be tempted "uncomplicated repair operations," produced by any American boats of old times. And in a white house are well aware of, and therefore seconded to the countries and regions of Mr. Panetta, tirelessly repeating, that the configuration of U.S. military strategy is not aimed at curbing the growing influence of China.

Singapore Mr. Panetta went to India. India, of course, is the BRICS and buys something from the Russian Federation, and cooperating with China, but in 2012 it is expected that the volume of trade between this country and the United States will be 100000000000. USD.

As said Leon Panetta Divide and America, and India need to overcome differences with Pakistan — to restore peace in South Asia. (Yes, thinking about China, Pakistan distracted no hunting).

As for the controversy of America and Pakistan, there is definitely something to work on. To begin with America that wants to be friends, you need to ask forgiveness. Ask forgiveness for 24 killed in November last year, Pakistan's military — a "mistake." But America does not know how to ask for forgiveness.

Well, there a
re other issues. Two 10-ka years in America, undermining India worked "Human rights defender" and the head of the NGO "Kashmiri American Council" Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, convicted first in April 2012 for 2 years for the systematic violation of the law on registration zabugornogo funding. 63-year-old human rights activist, who fought for the independence of Kashmir (which, by the way, part of India) in 1990 funded by the ISI — Pakistan's intelligence Interagency.

Now Panetta says the Indians that they need to live in harmony with the Pakistanis.

Indians, some departed from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, not so long ago successfully tested missile "Agni-5", which is capable of proparhat 5,000 km and can carry a nuclear warhead — and know a lot about the geopolitical friendship. India understands that if Panetta says that the armed forces 2-states in the future should join forces against a "more sophisticated threats," that we are talking about China. U.S. Secretary of Defense did not fool the naive Hindus, flowery stressing that the United States wants to strengthen business with China: "The United States welcomes the transformation of China into a strong and prosperous government, which is playing an increasingly important role in global processes, with all this while respecting and observing international standards operating in the region in the past 60 years. "

While Panetta visited India in a friendly, stating that the friendship with China is about improving relations with Pakistan in southern Afghanistan when three suicide attacks killed 22 people and injured more than 50 people. On the same day, June 6, 18 inmates were killed civilians in Logar province NATO troops from the air strike. Among them were ladies and kids.

Wherever the results agree with your nose peacekeepers from the Pentagon and the State Department, bloodshed and hate speech. They do not have faith. Do not listen to them. Do not let them in your country. Lower the barriers in front of him. Arrange them metal curtain.

These seekers of friends is not as strong as before.

Making a geopolitical "tour" and, like the traveling salesman, persuading him to buy helicopters and planes, U.S. Secretary of Defense shows almost panic. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Yankees committed one tragic mistake after another, in Colombia and Brazil, journalists stick to the head of the Pentagon with questions about "inappropriate behavior" of U.S. troops, the Chinese defense minister ignores Mr. Panetta, in the end, in the United States against the backdrop of the economic crisis reduced military budget, and will be reduced by implication, a full 10 years.

Leon Panetta and his chiefs in white house just chasing the ghost of its former hegemony. They had a taste of her experience after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Im sorry to her, with the hegemony part — but it is no more.

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