Almost as Saddam

Almost as SaddamIn Egypt, the trial of ousted President Hosni Mubarak. In the Tribunal 83-year-old former president was brought from the clinic in a hospital bed, where he remained during the entire session. Mubarak has pleaded not guilty. Meanwhile, he could be sentenced to the death penalty.

Next to Mubarak in the dock were his two sons and seven close associates, among which last Minister of Internal Affairs of Egypt, Habib al-Adly, his former deputies and heads of law enforcement agencies. The descendants of the former president, Gamal and Ala, are accused of corruption (which is accused also of their father), the charges also put forward in the address of senior officials and Mubarak much more serious. Prosecutors said that in February 2011 president Egypt and his associates personally gave orders to the military and police to engage in direct fire on demonstrators demanded the overthrow of the Mubarak regime. If confirmed, the deposed president may appoint the death penalty.

The last time a death sentence for the deposed favorite Middle Eastern countries was signed in Iraq in 2006. Baghdad tribunal sentenced to execution by hanging of Saddam Hussein, whose regime in Iraq has fallen as a result of U.S. military operations in 2003. The politician, who ruled Iraq from 1979 to 2003 year, was found guilty of sins against humanity for mass executions of the inhabitants of the Shiite village of Al-Dujail in 1982, resulting in the deaths of 148 people. In addition, Hussein was accused of execution of several thousand innocent people as a result of his anti-Shia policy, as the use of chemical weapons against the peaceful inhabitants of the village of Halabja in 1988.

According to the views of the Moscow Carnegie Center, a professional Malashenko, the trial of Mubarak will not have enough in common with the tribunal over Hussein. "Both processes are highly ideological and politicized — said the expert," MN ". — But if Hussein faced exactly pro-American tribunal which had a definite purpose — to achieve the highest measure it, the situation is not so far away Mubarak's hopeless. "

In 1-x, explains Malashenko, Mubarak is sick, and the tribunal likely to take it into account. In-2, he deserved military, enjoys reverence generals, that would be his trump card in the proceedings. "Thirdly, Mubarak Hussain, his hands are not mass murder and crimes against humanity. It is clear that at the time of the Revolution, he tried to save the regime and had the right to do as president"- Said the expert.

"To shape a multipolar society Mubarak of Egypt is not entirely accurate. If the normal Egyptian street exactly asks his death, the upper classes take a more balanced position, — said Alexei Malashenko. — Whatever the outcome, some political forces in a new Egypt will certainly be unhappy with them. After the revolution, the country's society has changed — it remains a semi-traditional, and as before very diverse in political views and social terms. "

During the oppression of mass protests that swept Egypt in February 2011, killing about 850 people, and more than 6 thousand injuries of varying severity. In the end, Mubarak, which had been in power since 1981, succumbed to the pressure of pro-democracy activists and agreed to resign, ending a fierce confrontation with his people. Now the interim government took over the military, which convince us that in September will be the first free and democratic elections in post-revolutionary Egypt.

The first day of hearings of former President Egypt passed very rapidly. On the street in front of the courtroom clashes between Mubarak supporters and those who ask for it immediate execution. Security hearings provide around 3 thousand police officers.

The subsequent court hearing on the case Mubarak scheduled for August 15. For the period of policy hearings will be in the hospital at the Police Academy in Cairo.

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