Ambassador McFaul discouraged the Foreign Ministry of Agriculture diplomacy Gopnik

"We are extremely puzzled expression took the U.S. ambassador in Moscow, Michael McFaul made by him in a speech May 25, 2012 the students of the Higher School of Economics — said today at the Russian Foreign Ministry. — Sounded evaluation of interaction between Russia and the United States in the form goes far beyond the bounds of diplomatic etiquette, and are essentially a deliberate distortion of several aspects of the Russian-American dialogue. "

"In particular, the Russian government has never used the term" privileged sphere of influence. " We were talking and talking about the countries with whom we have mutual interests of the privileged, — the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. — We do not use ingrained in Americans concept of "spheres of influence" in practical politics, including in respect of Kyrgyzstan "

"As for the Manas airport, the McFaul knows better what and who gave bribes Washington — stressed in dipvedomstva. — We can only say that ten years ago, the Bush administration has assured the need to use Manas for a year or two. " "We understand that the government in Washington is a different administration, but it does not eliminate the problem of predictability and transparency of U.S. actions in Central Asia — added to the Foreign Ministry. — The ambassador should be able to at least explain the discrepancy between word and deed. "

"It is equally unprofessional and sounded McFaul approval of some" coupling "that supposedly puts Russia in the discussion of acute international issues, — stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry. — To claim that we are offering to exchange "Iran to Georgia," and "human rights in Russia — North Korea" — means, to know nothing about the position of Moscow, where the fundamental issues including non-proliferation of nuclear weapons are an absolute priority and will not be No Bargaining. "

"It is also difficult to understand why such a supporter of freedom of speech, as McFaul, decided to throw a shadow on the outstanding professional work in the U.S. TV channel" Rush tudey. " It would seem that he should be pleased with the appearance of the American citizens for additional sources of information, "- added to the Foreign Ministry.

"This is not the first time that the statements and actions of Mr. McFaul, being on such a responsible position, causing frightened, — stressed in dipvedomstva. — The task of the ambassadors, as we understand, is to promote the progressive development of bilateral relations with the host country on the basis of a thorough knowledge of the facts, and not irritated replication tales in the media space. This situation is all the more regrettable that McFaul's first days in office at the embassy he had access to all the members of the federal executive and legislative branches of Russia and he seems to be needed to form an impression of the real Moscow's position on the issues mentioned above. "


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