America becomes a country, working part-time


In other words, the actual employment agency with enhanced powers! The growth of the number of employees world-renowned company Kelly Services suggests that America becomes a country, working part-time or temporary. This, according to some experts — even more dangerous than chronic unemployment, since escape from the yoke of work on the side is more difficult than to look for a new position.
The unemployment rate is marking time: gain in the form of 195,000 new jobs were immediately "eaten" the continuing layoffs — as a result, the unemployment rate in June, the month was 7.6%, ie exactly the same as a month earlier, in May. But the number of Americans on welfare — this is only part of the picture of the labor market …
A record number of able-bodied citizens — 28,000,000! — Take positions with partial employment. The reason: an elementary lack of money from companies innovate in connection with the reform of the health system (large companies and even private firms middling profitable to turn full-time jobs in the "half-hearted" to avoid mandatory payments for health insurance), as well as changes in the structure of the market.
The largest employer in the United States remains the Wal-Mart — 2,100,000 people. But in the second place — the world-famous agency Kelly Services — 538,000 people. Temporary position, by the way, also beat all records: about 2,700,000 Americans work part time temporary positions, and their number is constantly growing! In the third place, as it is unexpected — the corporation IBM (427,000 people), the fourth — courier service UPS (400,600 people), and closes the top five prize McDonalds with 400,000 employees.

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