America — gilding showered, teeth turn black

According to a study of some dental organizations, U.S. residents are increasingly choosing to treat teeth to the emergency room (Emergency Rooms — ER). The reasons — too expensive medical care, lack of insurance and lack of professional dentists.

If a quarter of a century ago, the Americans were visiting dentists for prevention, but now they do not even pay attention to small problems with the teeth.

In emergency rooms, they are usually treated in the case of extreme pain or bleeding. In most receiving emergency dentists do not work. Therefore, doctors can not provide full assistance to sick people. Therefore, the treatment would amount to granting painkillers, disinfection of the teeth and oral cavity. These measures are sometimes only worsen the health of patients and complicate subsequent qualified treatment.

It should be noted that the entire dental industry of the United States is going through very difficult times.

Here are some disturbing facts: 56% of children eligible for Medicaid, failed to cure the teeth for free in 2009. Many are faced with the problems of bureaucratic indifference and outright doctors.

In South Carolina, the number of ER patients with diseased teeth grew by 60% between 2005 and 2009.

Many people honestly admitted that they are simply no money for treatment, and endure terrible pain they no longer can.

Emergency room of Tennessee spent the year 55,000 dental procedures. Patients with dental problems was five times greater than the burns patients.

In the whole country increased number of complaints about dentists and litigation due to substandard care. Medical errors in the health sector — are not uncommon.

The big problem is the fact that the insurance plan Medicaid pays relatively little for dental procedures. In Florida, for example, only 10% of dentists accept this insurance. This is the lowest and most alarming figure in the country.

His contribution to the "dental crisis" and the recession has made.

"Today people are thinking how to purchase goods and essential services — says Justin clowns, a fighter for free medicine from Ohio. — Not many people concerned about the choice of toothpaste, a toothbrush and the state of their teeth. On the trip to the doctor people try not to think. "

Some organizations, concerned about the state of the teeth of Americans believe that the government should bear the cost for the most common dental procedures. Today, tens of millions of people can not get a job, eat normally and live a full life.

The experts also strongly recommend to tighten the requirements for training dentists.

According to them, the examinations and tests should become more difficult, and the need to reduce the period of training.

It remains only to add that in the United States, home to a huge number of professional dentists immigrants who have been educated abroad. However, they can not get a license to practice as re not they switch (evalyuirovat diploma is very difficult). This is another shortcoming of American health care.

Anyway, the average salary of a dentist in America today is $ 133,757 per year (Internet resource Salary Wizard).

In terms of career growth and stability of the profession remains one of the most attractive.

However, to become a dentist, people with low incomes is almost impossible. Education is very expensive and requires absolute involvement in the educational process. In addition, the government reluctantly gives grants to free dental training truly talented people from the lower or middle social stratum. Therefore, this work continues to be an elite and inaccessible to many.

Hope that in the coming years, Americans will find healthy teeth, at least, naive.

To solve the dental problems of the people must reform the entire national health care system, including Medicare insurance plans and Medicaid.

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