America! You have something to fear

During times of forced lies, confusion and silly diversions our "fourth power" narrowed down to the fifth column of corporate government. Americans are well informed regarding celebrities, entertainment, sports, and weather, but when it comes to the awareness of the people needed to make an informed vote, understanding that there is actually a corporate government, or the understanding of environmental issues, corporate media is hardly more than means of promoting special interests. And when it comes to complex relations with the states and their citizens rest of the world, inhabited by 95% of people who are not Americans … in the strategy appeared solid bloopers, reducible to fossils like "we're number one" — and that's all that should really know Americans.

What if, instead of enslaving, share and doping the people, corporate media would be guided highest motives for the good of the people's interests? What we have learned from the news headlines, and that is behind all this?

Session of the House of Representatives, "behind closed doors" give flow

(13 March 2008) The House of Representatives held a closed session only the sixth since 1812 and the first since 1983, when held secret discussions about U.S. support for "Contras" in Nicaragua. The reason for the recent closed session was ostensibly to discuss issues related to the advancement of new citizens. However, according to leaked reports, among the issues addressed in the first place and not to be made public, there were nine key issues:

  1. — Threatening the U.S. economy collapse, which occurred in September 2008
  2. — Menacing, federal financial (government) system collapse — February 2009
  3. — Likelihood of civil war in the United States as a result of these collapses
  4. — Provisional measures against "U.S. citizens who are prone to resist the system" (those who oppose the New World Order), able to resist
  5. — Conclusion "prone to rebellion" in the camps of the program Readiness Exercise1984 — Rex 84 and already built by the U.S. government. Prim.per.: Rex 84 — the government's program of testing its ability to detained a large number of American citizens. Teachings like Rex 84 are held regularly.
  6. Photos of one of these empty camps and issues with the site that published these pictures: there are more than 800 specialized institutions of a similar type. All of them are empty. What are they built? Who are waiting for? You?
  7. — The probability of repression against members of Congress because of the collapse
  8. — Designated "safe harbors" for members of Congress and their families, while the expected riots
  9. — The necessity and inevitability of a merger of the United States and Canada (natural resources) and Mexico (cheap labor)
  10. — Issue a new currency — the AMERO — For all three states, as the proposed solutionin anticipation of an impending economic Armageddon.

Imagine how many have the necessary information which may help in understanding what is happening abnormalities and a better orientation of lies blooming around:

Violated the Constitution, the U.S. Army deployed in the U.S., starting October 1,

"Raiders" — the first Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division — are already under the direct control of the Pentagon's Northern Command, which was created after 9-11 to protect the "homeland (homeland) "And assistance to local and federal authorities. Broken Posse Comitatus — The law passed by Congress June 16, 1878, which prohibits the federal forces in the "uniformed" unfold on non-federal property to maintain "law and order" …

Under the Constitution, federal armed forces may not be used to enhance the law enforcement forces. Law Posse Comitatus redraw so that "protect" the people. And now, in all scenarios, and the soothing rhetoric sounded like a commander from the mouth of the 1st Brigade of Colonel Roger Klaute:

"I could not even think of a more noble mission than this — said Klaute — … to take care of the citizens here at home … and depending on the event, we are here at home, we will protect your home, your loved ones. It gives me a sense of pride as an American conscious of the fact that my country has decided to come to power to help the people here at home. " And — "I do not know what all the plans of America, I just know that 24 hours a day, seven days a week to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are on guard to the first call to come to the rescue."

"Take care for yourself? To help? "The first brigade force — an elite punitive connection, First Brigade, made three visits to Iraq. "Refreshed" by knocking doors and arrest the rebels before they send them to the concentration camps, they are now trained to use nonlethal means at the disposal of the U.S. Army. "It's a new modular package of non-lethal effects," — says Klaute, referring to the device to control the crowds and the movement to suppress the "troubled" and dangerous individuals without killing them.

"Help," "Take care of itself", "protection" and much more … good euphemisms cover fog simple reality, the reality that Americans have finally awakened and now need military "stuff" in order to calm down them without killing them . With the deepening of the economic crisis deepens and expands the gap between working Americans and the obscenely wealthy who control the government. This is turning into a threat to the political stability that the current political system can not provide. Although the First Brigade Group, is scheduled to be rolled out at home on the year, moving it implies constant readiness and on a larger scale.

Corporate Government shows his true loyalty, peeps through the transparent maneuvers — to protect the de facto ruling elite of the rich from the just indignation of working people, destroying the country from within. Is the U.S. government keeps the people in such a despicable and dangerous men for forced inconvenience and delivers a huge part of public welfare in the history of the rich elite in history … right? Consider missed the headlines:

U.S. troops and recruits are tested for readiness to shoot their friends and family members

Soldiers who recently returned from Iraq, lifts the veil on what U.S. troops are trained in conducting "house cleansing" and the confiscation of weapons and undergo tests — whether they are able to shoot American citizens, including their friends and family members — as part of a long-term program preparation for the declaration of military control ….

For 15 years, the military commanders are evaluated on how to prepare their units — for the "mopping up" operations, disarmament, and the possible firing for effect on Americans who will violate the laws of the state of emergency. This was started in October 1994: the Marines received a questionnaire on one of California's database. The recruits responded to 46 questions, including the following question: will they kill U.S. citizens who refused to surrender their firearms.

Pastors and members of other religious denominations were processed by agents of the secret police, so that they taught their believers to "obey the government" in conditions of martial law in matters of property and seizure of firearms during mass vaccination programs and force the relocation.

The following missing from news headlines related to the movement of citizens:

More than 800 American concentration camps are in full operational readiness to receive prisoners

These camps are run by FEMA (Federal Agency for Emergency Management) and can be "run" the announcement of martial law (line written in pencil president, plus the signature of the Prosecutor General, as guarantor) …


Picture rail prison

and mounting unit for a mobile prison

Translator's Note: this is located under the clock camp guard, despite the fact that they are empty. It summed up the camps railways, many of the camps have airports. Like Auschwitz, some of the camps have airtight buildings. Most camps designed for the maintenance of 20,000 prisoners. The largest of these complexes are located near Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska complexes can simultaneously allow to treat "mental health" in droves — about 2 million people. Purpose of all these fixed and movable facilities to the vast majority of Americans do not know. And so they are multiplying around the rumors and gossip: some believe that many of the buildings are designed for deployment of the UN occupation forces, while others believe that — for the millions of Russian army! And also for the troops in Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Nicaragua, and so on. Few people realize that all this is not even a UFO, but for the Americans. And only a few are asked, "Hey, guys! One thread of you have noticed the heavy weapons and foreign troops near San Francisco? This is a favorite for us all! ".

At present, all the camps are empty, but all the camps are fully staffed guard, ready to receive prisoners of U.S. citizens who disagree with the government. Like the Nazi concentration camps, FEMA camps are also divided into "red and blue lines":

"Red List" — Enemies of the New World Order. In the two weeks prior to the introduction of military administration, they should be sent to camps for immediate extermination. These are people — real and potential leaders or activists.

"Blue List" — as enemies of the New World Order, but not leaders. After the introduction of military control, these people need to be captured for "reprogramming" in the camps. Survivors will be used for the most part, as slaves.

Omissions such as those shown here (a full list of them is huge too …) relate only to the last eight years. All the same list includes the obvious and repeated fraud during the elections, the truth about 9-11, the truth about our illegal wars of aggression, the truth about this conspiracy of bankers and trillions of taxpayer dollars thrown into the basket bailout'S. And that (trillions) for the most part will go to foreign investors in order to avoid criminal prosecution against swindlers like Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, the truth about the dissolution of the United States as a sovereign state in the corporate-fascist New World Order …

The main theme, hidden in the "omission" — is always an orbit for mission-minded people who want to know the truth, the truth, crushed by the ruling elite. In these "omissions", the whole truth, necessary to the American people, and, it seems, in these "omissions" the whole story.

We covered a large part of the road to oblivion (oblivion), Pushed lies, trickery, cunning, entertainments, diabolical exploitation of our credulity … and innuendo. How can we break this gullibility?

Imagine the American people … imagine, as we turned to go back to the truth. Can we still save the Republic, still save ourselves?

Rand Clifford, writer

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