American designers began to develop unmanned underwater hunter SSK

American designers began to develop unmanned underwater hunter SSK
Modern submarines have been and will be severe carriers of different weapons. They do set tasks in two thirds of the globe. Boundaries to move submarines hitherto not been invented. And while we are proud bolshennymi submarine missile, submarine base struggle produce small, nimble, subtle diesel and diesel-electric submarines of small and medium class. Many countries, not having the ability to build underwater missile carriers, build or buy a small diesel submarines. On this day, the number of small submarines in the world, actually grows exponentially. International favorites such as the U.S. and UK are seriously concerned about the growth of small submarines in the world. Many of the subs, one way or another, are planning to use against the United States or NATO. And because the U.S. military management are well aware of the ability of small inconspicuous diesel submarines, it initiated a program from «Anti-Submarine Warfare» — creating unmanned underwater hunter for many days to accomplish combat tasks to detect diesel-electric submarines of enemy.

Modern battery with high capacity have allowed diesel-electric submarines small increment the time required to perform combat tasks, despite the small combat radius acts are able to walk in shallow waters (coastal waters), where there will be underwater nuclear missile carriers. One of the main advantages of such submarines cost, which is less than the price on the order type SSBN submarines.

The program «ACTUV» being controlled promising developments Pentagon «DARPA». First phase of implementation of applets — payment need for the project has ended. Now, thanks to an agreement with the company «SAIC», began the second phase of implementation — development BPAA (underwater unmanned automated vehicle) search SSK opponent. This coming after the approval of the project will begin the third phase of implementation — a demonstration of the most experienced reference. Last, the fourth phase — running and combat tests underwater hunter.

Underwater hunter will have onboard tracking systems, navigation systems, sensors for various purposes. These solutions must be found to allow SSK and inconspicuously accompany her for guidance surface / submarines, also weapons (missiles and torpedoes). To ensure patrolling underwater terrain in search of goals, robots hunters will be provided with over-capacity Accum.
These decisions show us how hard it is necessary for developers to design and develop a new kind of underwater technology. In the first place the company «SAIC» presently stands the problem of energy supply and the development of batteries. Due to the lack of people on board the underwater hunter, maybe when sodaniya automatic underwater hunter will use materials with the best features, but a negative effect on human activity. In addition, it is not required to comply with the stabilization system, held in non-hazardous locations, have good reliability and air on board. One of the requirements to the underwater reconnaissance drone — the cost of the 1st underwater hunter at least 150 million (a tenth of the price of modern South American anti-ship). Nearly all of the implementation phase will be completed within the next 4 years.

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