American designers showed their helplessness, equipping the F-22 Raptor warning system ailment Pilot

All American fighter of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor equipped with the system 911, through which the pilot can notify you of the first sign of dizziness. According to The Times, the system also includes a pulse oximeter, which is attached to the index finger of the pilot and measures the oxygen saturation of the blood.

According to Maj. Gen. Charles Lyon (Charles Lyon), quoted by the publication, all the pilots were told that in case of sickness or emergency situation you need to activate the alarm system and stop the job. After the activation of the 911 terrestrial services will help the pilot to land the plane safely.

Installing an alarm system on the F-22 is due to nearly two dozen cases of vertigo have fighter pilots. Several cases have led to loss of consciousness pilots. In November 2010, as a result of lack of oxygen to the pilot Raptor crashed in Alaska.

As explained Lyon, the main cause of hypoxia installed. What exactly is it, Major-General did not elaborate. Earlier it was reported that a lack of oxygen may be due to high-altitude pressure suit, which compress the chest pilot on the flight at high speed. Another possible cause of ailments called the failure of the on-board oxygen generating system (OBOGS).

Proposed to solve the problem of hypoxia, in particular, due to the partial redesign of the F-22 aircraft and equipment of chemical analyzers for the detection of excess nitrogen in the oxygen mixture. In early June, it also became known for the purchase of Raptor 40 automatic backup oxygen systems. Their delivery should be completed in April 2013.

F-22 Raptor is considered one of the most expensive projects of the U.S. Defense Department. The cost of each aircraft is estimated at $ 150 million. In addition, significant amounts are spent to investigate and address the causes of hypoxia pilots.

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