American doctors tended, planted drugs on the elderly

Residents of the United States over age 50 are much more likely to use drugs and potent drugs that are highly addictive. This is the conclusion reached by experts Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — SAMHSA) and authoritative center Hanley (Hanley Center).

The main reason for drug addiction adults and the elderly is considered ambitions pharmaceutical corporations, which from year to year sales increase of opium preparations, as well as deficiencies in the national health care. It's no secret that quite often people become addicts because of the doctors who are "scattered" recipes.

Among the indirect causes are called financial crisis, depression, loneliness, and a number of chronic diseases, which usually affects people over 50. Moreover, on the sad statistics conviction affects the majority of older people is that the doctors prescribed powerful drugs are not dangerous.

100% of those surveyed Americans over 48 years old 79% said they first tried drugs at the age of 25 years. 40% identify themselves as addicts who need rehabilitative care.

More than 90% of alcohol dependent people have called one of the substances, which helps to relieve stress. Receive 49.5% of dependent drug users in pharmacies by prescription.

Researchers are very concerned about the addiction of people over 50 years old to alcohol and drugs. "If urgent measures are not taken today, tomorrow may be too late — says Sam Black, an employee of the rehabilitation center in California. — The state should already begin a large-scale campaign to promote healthy lifestyles among adults. Without this, the number of dependent will only increase. "

Here are just a few examples of broken narcotics, drugs and alcohol people. 67-year-old Frederick M. from South Carolina started using morphine after the death of his wife. "At first pill to help me overcome this unbearable feeling of loneliness — he recalls. — However, after 2 — 3 months, they have become the only way to deal with terrible pain in the joints. I no longer control himself. My neighbors were asleep, when I attempted to hang himself. "

70-year-old Carol and 69-year-old Lance D. from California started using light antidepressants to cope with migraines. When the pills lost their effect, the couple began taking oxycodone. Then the daily dose of drug was added alcohol. When Carol died from an overdose of substances, Lance decided to go to the clinic. "It all happened so quickly — he admits. — I never thought that I would become a drug addict or an alcoholic. I can not say at what time we have ceased to be sober-minded people. "

80-year-old Bill D. from Florida on cocaine spent nearly $ 400,000 over the past five years. The money he had left over from the multi-million dollar state that "vanished" with the advent of the economic crisis. "I was always thinking about the mistakes of the past — says Bill. — Missed opportunities did not give me no rest, day or night. First, cocaine has made my life perfect, and then turned into hell. "

77-year-old Laura H. from Wisconsin got into rehab by a court. When she finished strong medicine, and the doctor refused to give out new recipes, Laura tried to buy the pills through drag-dealers. Drug dealer, however, proved anderkaverom. "I have 17 months to take nothing — says Laura. — Even vitamin pills cause fear. It seems to me that I again turn into a beast of a man. "

The worst thing is that dependent on drugs and alcohol elderly do not differ much from those of the dependent adolescents. The fall of moral standards, the psychological and physical dependence, make them go to the most heinous crimes just to avoid the painful ruptures. "We are very concerned about the bad habits of the older generation — says Fry Matthews, an employee of the clinic for drug addicts and alcoholics. — Many of our patients have lived a long and happy life. They have worked for decades in America. They have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They have earned the right to a dignified old age, but did not use it. "

Meanwhile, prosecutors various states (including Eric Schneiderman of New York) are developing a large-scale federal bill that would help to control not only the distribution of potent drugs, but their dosage.

Home prosecutor's job is to sick people receive treatment, not the pleasure of the many drugs that are in the XXI century as dangerous as cocaine, heroin and LSD 70 — 80 years of the last century.

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