American Gulag, or a new American Century

Subject civilian camps in the United States of America strongly rejected by the mainstream media as a paranoid "conspiracy theory." However, the recently adopted laws and the recently discovered government documents reveal the sad truth: The United States is rapidly turning into an authoritarian police state complete with its attributes.

Powers Act for National Defense: The Patriot Act, Part 2 

In December 2011, when most Americans admire the fireworks and got drunk for pleasure, President Obama signed without interference, "Powers Act for National Defense» (NDAA) for 2012 fiscal year. This unprecedented law in fact assigned executive powers indefinitely detain American citizens without trial, to deprive them of their constitutional right to due process and habeas corpus — habeas in court.

Under this law, if a citizen only "suspected" in support of a group classified by the government as a terrorist organization, or related to, per se, it can catch and arrest until the end of the "war on terror" — which, according to its authors, should not occur ever .

During the time that lasts this endless war fabricated from 11 September 2001, the government definition of "terrorist" slowly shifted from al-Qaeda (the group of dubious origin, originally funded and supported by the CIA and Pakistan's intelligence agency) to "internal terrorists", so the protesters from the movement Occupy Wall Street movement to protect life and supporters of Ron Paul. When the FBI Put together a gang of stupid "anarchists" (scapegoat), so they put a bomb under the bridge, it became very clear who the government now considers an enemy of the state. The FBI uses this mode of action for quite some time.

An implicit argument against the possibility of the existence of internment camps for Americans has always been something that the United States would never could put its citizens in prison camps — it's impossible. It is sad to see how quickly and willingly, people forget that the government has already done it — during the Second World War were caught and placed in the area of citizens with Japanese roots, but their origin. Question — Does this happen again? Apparently — alas, yes.

In the hands of a group Public Intelligence has got combat instruction of the U.S. Army FM 3-39.40, «internment operations and the movement." This document clearly and details how these will operate the camp.

Martial law in America

This alarming document of 326 pages is a guide for officers and personnel to conduct internment and transfer (T / R) for the efficient processing of the population, including prisoners of war the United States, civilian internees, the personnel left for a further period of service, and enemy combatants.

In the case of "war or civil conflict," or "natural or man-made disaster," the U.S. Army is partnering with international and domestic organizations such as the UN, the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) to support operations and internment displacement.

This military instruction appeared, coincidentally, just weeks after it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security and intelligence agencies have bought hundreds of millions of expanding bullets.

There is no doubt that the military has contingency plans for a variety of military scenarios in other states. This document indicates that the objects of internment / move (T / R) are created in the United States. Section 2-40 of this manual is written:

"Tasks S / P performed in civil operations, similar to the tasks of combat operations, but the methods and procedures vary for the specific conditions of these operations in the U.S., and in accordance with the categories of persons (primarily troublemakers), placed in internment facilities / move. "

Currently, U.S. citizens are protected from military coercion to comply with civil laws within the United States or its territories by the law of Posse Comitatus (the law prohibiting the use of the army as the police — approx. However, predatory violation of constitutional freedoms Obama leaves no doubt either that he himself in his second term, or another puppet administration, will not hesitate to sweep away this obstacle. Not for the first time.

The adoption of the Law on the Authority for the purposes of national defense was a dark day in American history. Methods of managing people, disciplinary action and cancellation of civil liberties, as described in the official military regulations go beyond any limits. We present here some of the most egregious examples of anti-constitutional, anti-civil language contained in FM 3-39.40. However, to get a complete picture, you need to read the entire document.

In the camps

Since this camp with barbed wire, watchtowers, areas of special treatment to individual cameras and patrol roads, it is obvious that these civilian internment camps are not meant only for the protection of displaced people from the "natural or man-made disaster."

The soldiers in the service of the camp, the detainees have to work with, using the technique of "search, silence, sharing, speed, security and tagging." The most notable item "silence." Soldiers from the personnel of the camp should "prevent communication with each other detainees or create audio noise, such as singing or praying." Soldiers must also be forced to silence unruly prisoners, with the help of "dressing on the mouth of a soft, clean cloth, fastened behind." And what's more:

"6-16 military police should not enter into any negotiations with the detainees, except orders and instructions. Do not allow detainees to speak or to give signals to each other at any stage of the processing stage. This does not allow them to bypass the protection plan, shoot, or organize any other unwanted actions.

Inmates who refuse to be silent in some tactical situations to make drowns bandage, such as fabric. It is used to prevent statements or protests, without causing harm to the prisoner. "

Contrary to suggestions that the document is only a tactical plan for effective action in a disaster, this barbaric tactics of managing people is certainly different. Ominous picture complements the issuance of each individual "identification tape arrested" and "serial number interned."

Essentially civilian internees with the content under military protection have zero rights, and because the government is currently considering the activists and protesters as a potential threat to national security, for them it is a way not only to silence dissent, but also their re.

It looks like the following: employees, conducting psychological operations, "the military police to help control the prisoners and troublemakers" and "introduce prisoners or offenders in the U.S. and international policies." These "experts in psychological operations" is also trained in "psychological operations use products that are used to calm the prisoners or offenders, and to persuade them to accept the rules of American power and objects T / R", "identify political activists," and "establish and execute a program of psychological operations, which allows us to understand and accept the policies and actions of the United States. "

That is, if you are in one of these camps, considering that the waging of war against a sovereign nation without the approval of Congress, out of court, is illegal and immoral, a group of psychological operations at Camp FEMA will be happy to teach you some good sense.

Knowing the wide creative scope of the military in the development of so-called non-violent weapon shudder to think what "products for psychological operations" they have reserved for these camps.

Also in these camps will apply: strip searches, forced vaccinations, food rationing and forced labor. This is too much? Section 6-99 states:

"If necessary, a military police officer or a designated officer may initiate a general procedure the court-martial against the prisoners."

Basically, after the detention expect full military control over virtually every aspect of your existence. For food, clothing and money for recreation, work and health, you will actually turn into a slave of the new American police state.

The following quote from section 6-10 accommodates the entire U.S. foreign policy:

"Since the prisoners are treated humanely as prisoners of war until their status is determined by the corresponding policies of the Ministry of Defense."

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