American justice has awarded a total of four financial criminals to 2025 years in prison.

Recently, we are actively campaigning for the liberalization of laws on economic crimes, making the layman considered that the current situation in Russia today unusually cruel. But is it? For comparison, take America-mother. Here are a few examples of recent high-profile cases:

2000. Shalom Weiss American "businessman" was sentenced to 845 years in prison for fraud with the money fund National Heritage Life Insurance.

2000. Keith Pound — co-defendant Shalom — 700 years in prison.

2008. Managing an investment fund with a talking surname Norman Schmidt was 300 years old, in fact, for the management. 

2008. Notorious Bernad Madoff (Pictured) — 150 years of the financial pyramid, harmed investors of $ 50 billion.

And that's not all the cases where financial criminals get time more than a hundred years. All of them, moreover, obliged to pay a multi-million dollar fines, and this implies the forfeiture of the property. As a side note, the founder of the "MMM", Sergei Mavrodi Panteleevicha condemned by only 4 years and fined 10 thousand rubles. 

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