American propaganda. The defeat and occupation of Russia in the years 1952 -1960

Cover of Colliers.
According to the scenario of war "Kolerz" Russian staged outrage in Europe because of Yugoslavia. And then so brazen that overthrew vigorous bomb on Washington. At the turn — Washington after a treacherous attack Russian.

The reaction was not long in coming — the bomb dropped on Moscow.

But this is just the beginning — the brave American Marines landed in Siberia — their goal is to free poor prisoners.

But the Soviet convicts — not a finger to do. Do not wait for the valiant liberators, and exempt themselves and declare their own republic. Democratic, of course.

Stalin died in the meantime. Takes the reins of his son Vasily. But he had no choice but to surrender to the forces of the valiant liberators.

A bit of American humor. The brave GIs Russian prisoner says — "Well, what can you say to yourself in the consolation you have there in the South lynched someone?"

And in the meantime Russia begins a new life. A free and democratic. The one about which Russian dreamed for centuries (what else Russian dream-that in fact it really?).

Finally, Russia is sufficiently democratic. And Moscow is honored to take the Olympics.

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