American teenagers do not want to live

The number of suicides among teenagers in the United States reached a record high — according to data of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC), which have already been reported this year that depression, drug and alcohol passion, penchant for sadism and sexual aggression can be considered as the characteristic features of today's young people aged 13 to 19 years.

One in five American teenager in an anonymous survey admitted that he seriously contemplated suicide. And many could not even name the reason for this decision.

"This world is not worth it to live in it" — like this was the most popular answer.

The findings of other studies nonprofit organizations dealing with teenagers, no less pessimistic than the data CDC.

Experts believe that teenagers have become less interested in news, indifferent to his professional future, much less communicate with each other. According to the American Psychiatric Association (American Psychiatric Association — APA), the majority of young people consider themselves to be completely normal — and this in spite of the pronounced problems.

Some specialists in adolescent issues call today's generation of young people "lost."

Even during the Great Depression and World War II teenagers were not in such a "suicidal-passive" mode, as it is now. "When today's teenagers become adults, they will simply have nothing to remember their school years — says a specialist in working with depressed teenagers Todd Raybek. — And the biggest mistake would be confusing to some adults that young people today are not in need of nothing, and so they are happy. "

Analysts call the five major reasons that completely changed the whole generation of young people.

First — running in the first half of the zero years social networks have become the main method of communication today. They dramatically reduced the sociability and emotionality students and gave them a huge number of phobias.

The second reason — the availability of pornography on the Internet. And if ten years ago, the World Wide Web could only be found indecent photos, now in the public domain there are more than 300 million video clips shot with a very high quality. The average age of a child who is starting to look "hardcore" online, has made this year … 11 years.

It is scientifically proven that pornography has on the human psyche is the same degrading effect as alcohol and drugs, but to fight this evil seems no one is going. Last year, revenues of manufacturers and sellers of pornography made a record $ 15 billion.

The third reason — the chaos in education. American schools are so bad that some human rights activists, concerned about the fate of young people generally offer them to close. And the bad is all the educational institutions — from the list of subjects to school sadism. The latter phenomenon officials say a lot, but did not fight with him.

The fourth reason — potent drugs that pharmaceutical companies in recent years, "zakarmlivayut" Americans. Almost half of teenagers who use pain pills honestly admit that they take them from their parents and grandparents. Today, there are drugs available to each family.

Reason number five — the most important. It is an absolute indifference to the problems of the state teenagers. Neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama has not done anything to improve the lives of the young generation. Presidents have repeatedly held out a helping hand to the elderly, the disabled, women and other social strata, but none of the adolescents did not even remember.

Here is a typical comment from teen forums on depression:

"I seriously dream of a great flood or earthquake, that this boring reality somehow changed — says 16-year-old teenager. — Every day is the same. I feel like a hero of the movie "Groundhog Day." I hate my life. "

"I have lost the incentive to live on — says 15-year-old girl. — I do not get any pleasure from your computer or from the music or movie experience or from communicating with friends. Had enough. My dream is to go to sleep and never wake up. "

"I envy his parents and grandmother — says another 18-year-old girl. — They enjoy life and constantly tell interesting stories that have happened to them. Perhaps they lived in the best time. Before America was not so cruel and indifferent, as it is now. In today's time it is necessary to die, and not live. "

Most of these teenagers, unfortunately, no one would help. It is likely that they will not even be able to get high-quality rehabilitation services of an experienced psychologist, as they are the most vulnerable strata of the society. According to a survey Gallup, 98% of young people do not know where to go in case of a nervous breakdown, depression or the emergence of suicidal thinking. They only know the emergency number 911.

In comparison, four out of five seniors at the answer to this question will be called the name of a particular physician or medical office.

More — more. Teenagers lead in the list of social groups with the highest levels of unemployment. 13-19-year-old guys do not need a state or a small or large business. Republican Newt Gingrich once rightly said that by working youth could be much more useful than the trade unions and irresponsible employees of state services. The Liberals, however, took it a wise suggestion as an insult.

By the number of alcohol and drug poisoning teenagers are also in the lead, as neither the government nor the governor nor the mayor did not pay enough attention to the development of free sport. As an example, New York City, where, apparently, a lot of sports fields. In fact, over the weekend, most of them crowded on weekdays and teenagers are in school. Classes with the same coaches in special schools are very expensive.

Personally, I was most striking in the absence of U.S. teen centers to run about on the same principle as "kindergartens for the elderly." First, however, is too small (in some cities, there are none at all), and the second — too much. As a result — the children simply have no place to meet, so they "occupy" roofs, basements, abandoned subway stations and vacant lots. The meeting is in the fast-food eatery, or going to the movies cost money (though small), which in adolescents is not due to reduced income parents.

The result of the above unfavorable: America is losing an entire generation of young people's psychological problems that many decades will be reflected in the different spheres of American life. And it's frightening to think how the forgotten youth of the state and society can take revenge on her for showing indifference, selfishness and hypocrisy …

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