Americans for decades poisoned by fluorine?

More than sixty years, there is a dispute among experts: fluoride is harmful or beneficial to the body. However, despite the fact that a clear answer to this question has not yet been received, the U.S. government took the responsibility to fluoridate drinking water to all its citizens.

It all started with the fact that in the forties of the last century in the United States opened a positive effect of fluoride on the healing of tooth enamel. It was found that fluoride can literally "patching holes in the teeth." After that, the scientists said that in areas with a lack of fluoride in the diet of the population, the overall incidence of caries increased.

Then Americans decided fluorinated all drinking water because the water is natural fluoro enters the body. However, there are rumors about a completely different assumptions "fluoridation" of humanity.

The main "culprits" are called aluminum magnates and chemical companies, which in those years was decidedly no place to put fluoride waste of its production. It is said that after learning about the discoveries of scientists, they quickly podsuetilis and "hoisted" America on the fluorine. Then, fluoride were added and toothpaste.

Now we need to say a few words about what, exactly, is fluorine. Adult requirement for this element — 2-3 mg / day. Thus, a third person gets a fluoride intake and two — with water. Besides water, the natural sources of fluoride — fish, apples and tea.

Fluoride acts as an inhibitor in many biochemical processes that affect the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, is involved in the formation of bones and teeth. But at the same time, we must not forget that the same fluoride is a chemical substance of the second class of danger. "Ftoros" in Greek means "to destroy." The fluorine gas F2 deadly to humans.

No other element physiologically required amount is not so close to the dose toxicant. Under the influence of excess fluoride in the body is the unbalance of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, which leads to impaired mineralization of bone and ligaments.

According to the scientists, fluoride causes colloidal degeneration of the thyroid gland, reduces the immune system, inhibits the intracellular processes of synthesis and accelerates senescence. According to a study published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research, fluoride can cause changes in the brain similar to Alzheimer's disease and some other forms of dementia.

And to continue this sad list until the end of the article.

My mother always said, you can not drag into the mouth, horrible. Have you ever seen that in pharmacies or stores that sell a fluoride toothpaste, hung warning announcements? I — never.

The main conclusion that can be drawn from all the above is that if fluoride is really capable of helping our teeth, it is only present in trace amounts. It is desirable that this element enters our body exactly in the quantities in which we are able to absorb the fish, apples, tea and mineral water. Then why do we need a toothpaste with fluoride?

By the way, about the water. Even if you prefer mineral water, tap water, do not think that you can safely use a fluoride toothpaste. In the sixties, followed the example of America and many other countries. But when twenty years ago showed up "side effects" of water fluoridation, most of these countries from such experiments over its citizens refused.

In Germany, water fluoridation is expressly prohibited, as it would be like all prescribe the same medicine, and was forced to take it, regardless of the consequences. We can say that the water is fluorinated now in America and Ireland. But they had their own fighters forced fluoridation of the population.

For example, an Irish doctor Don Mack Oli said: "It seems to me that many of my fellow dentists simply do not know how dangerous water fluoridation, they do not know that fluoride, which is used for this is derived from the toxic waste containing lead and arsenic . "

Oli Mack argues that the Irish hide the truth. And in 35 years of practice in the country, he said, had never been studied consequences of drinking fluoridated water.

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