Americans rob and kill each other for the sake of fashion gadgets

Since the beginning of the year in the United States has increased dramatically the number of crimes, the main reason that became fashionable device from the company Apple — Phones iPhone, iPad tablet and your iPod. For the possession of these electronic devices (cost — from $ 100 to $ 700), the criminals are willing to cheat, beating, torture, rape and even murder.

Historical precedents happening forensic psychologists can not find. However, some experts say is taken seriously: the producers of electronics fashion "to turbidity reason tens of thousands of Americans."

Some see the reason is that Apple products are far ahead of general scientific and technical progress.

"In the 19th century, greedy, angry and envious people killed for gold, today they are killed for players and phones, says Bill Garel, a former psychologist and criminologist from Florida. — Mankind has not changed. There is always something for which people are ready for the most violent crimes. "

Last loud incident took place at New York's Bronx. 25-year-old Jasmine Diaz killed her 17-year-old boyfriend Frankie Herandesa for the broken "iPhone". Murder was preceded by a fight with verbal skirmish.

Also last week, there was a murder in northeast Washington (District of Columbia). Some observers local crime news have called it a "typical".

Two unknown persons fired passer who talked on "iPhone", right in the face. Along with the phone assailants fled the scene. The search for the killers, robbers continues.

In a suburb of Los Angeles (CA), a group of teenagers brutally beat a student to get his "iPads". While the thugs tried to sell the tablet on the street for $ 200, the doctors fought for the lives of their victims.

"Even if a teenager survives, he will always be disabled" — that is the disappointing progroz physicians.

In the city of New York from the beginning of the year for the modern gadgets, killing at least a dozen people. Owners electronics were killed by firearms, cut with knives and were killed by blunt objects. 26-year-old Hwang Young attackers killed in the middle of the street, as he was returning home from work.

In addition to phone killer did not take anything, even though Young had cash and credit cards.

In Texas, a recent case, when 15-year-old scored the same age to death with a baseball bat. The reason — the player "iPod" with music and video games. At the police station the killer said that was not at all sorry about what happened and hopes for an acquittal.

In southern Nevada street gang members first took "aypad" and "iPhone" the young girl at the gas stations, and then raped her. And witnesses say that immediately after the crime thugs started fighting and arguing who would get stolen devices.

Listed felonies — a drop in the sea of all the other crimes associated with devaysami Apple. Phones, iPods and the plates are stolen by millions across the country. And a group of human rights activists from Arizona brought a shocking formula: the presence of the device in the hands of the people a hundred times increases the likelihood that it will become a victim of an attack.

In some areas of the United States, the probability is even higher. For example, the stations of the New York subway at night.

To understand the scope of "criminal hunting Soup" quite familiar with the recommendations of the many organizations trying to protect the owners of players, phones and tablets.

Here are some "tips": color classic white Apple headphones in a different color to suspected criminals "iPod" and "iPhone" in your pocket, buy plastic covers, masking Apple products under other brands of electronics. Buy a special mini-bags that are attached to the leg — they will help you keep your valuables in the event that the robbers will begin a search.

It is strange that the authors of these "tips" are not recommended to hide Soup in shorts and socks for greater safety. This is precisely what many owners of products Apple.

"When I go out in the evening, then put the" iPhone "in the right sock — admitted one George from Florida to interview the federal channel. — A lot of guys are doing it. I am willing to part with their money, but not with my phone. "

The fear of parting with the device is explained by the fact that for thousands of people the unit is the only place to store information. In the average "iPhone" or "iPads" are thousands of photos and dozens of important passwords, a huge amount of contact data.

Thus, the 38-year-old Eric N. Kentucky survived a half-hour flogging, but the phone has not left. It was beaten by three strong guys to give away the phone, but Eric gripped the device in his hand and curled up on the pavement. He later explained his action: "I am writing short stories in his spare time. On the phone, there are more than three thousand. I want to publish a book … "

Montana resident Josh M. caught the kidnappers' aypada "in 15 minutes. For this, he ran out of the bar, got into the car and set off in pursuit of the two teenagers. Thieves do not just caught up with Josh, but also beat to a pulp, instantly turned from victim to perpetrator.

However, it may no regrets: "The whole year I photographed her daughter on the tablet. These pictures are priceless to me. "

Where kidnappers Virgo electronics?

If the answer to this question is the company to Apple, they would burst into detailed account of modern security systems, high-precision technology to track stolen devices and hopelessness theft. However, the fact remains that phones, tablets and players can be implemented without any problems on the black market. And electronics accepted in any condition. Experienced underground craftsmen have no less knowledge than the genius of Apple. They afford to "resurrect" any device is locked and encrypted.

There are rumors that Apple is spending a lot of money to fight the thieves of their products. Most of this money, I would venture to suggest, is spent distract public attention from the horror stories about robberies, murders and rapes "for device". Effective measures to prevent the same crime is the richest company in the world does not take, although Apple could lobby for legislation in Congress to compensate the victims of theft devices make truly useless.

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