An earthquake measuring 6.3 in the center of Peru

An earthquake measuring 6.3 in the center of Peru Natural Disasters

January 30, 2012 at 05:11 (UTC) near the city of Ica earthquake occurred at a depth of 39 kilometers of the power of 6.3. The epicenter was located 5 km south-east of Ica and 280 kilometers from the capital of Lima. Tremors were felt in the capital region and the cities of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Junín and Arequipa.

According to preliminary data of the Committee of Civil Defence and the media, about 100 people are affected by the earthquake, 12 of them seriously injured. As a result of the incident in the province of Ica, the capital city and the neighboring province of Pisco observed disruption of electricity, and telephone service is temporarily not available. Several radio stations reported the appearance of cracks in some of the adobe houses in the slums.

Had taken place like the earthquake in Peru demanded intervention at the regional level. Most of the victims were injured in the hasty action (leaving the house) caused panic at the thought of the last three earthquakes. CATDAT earthquake drifted to the orange level of risk, and USGS PAGER — to yellow due to the increased likelihood of accidents.

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