An unknown creature terrorizes the Perm region. Mysterious Chupacabra?



Mysterious animal kills livestock at night, and the locals say about the appearance of "Chupacabra"

Residents Yusvinsky district of the Perm region live in fear of the mysterious beasts of the forest, which in the night attacks on livestock and kills him. According to the villagers, in the last two weeks of the victims of an unknown substance were dozens of rabbits. The municipal authorities have instructed residents to abstain from evening and night walks and, if possible, stay home at night.

Since early April, the beast, which the villagers Yusva dubbed "El Chupacabra," and began to attack bigger animals — pigs and goats. To search for creatures joined the police and hunters, but so far it can not be found, according to the portal "Parma-news."

Meanwhile, the locals really panicking. "They say it's the Chupacabra. He drank the blood of animals. All breaks, animal kills. Authorities say it's a lynx, but people do not believe," — said one of the local residents. In this version the police called fiction. "We're adults. On some mutants, Chupacabra, and there can be no" — said the head of the police Yusvinsky Alexander Vlasov.

Meanwhile, the "chupacabra" is already interested in the State Inspectorate for Protection and use of animals of the Perm region. "Yes, we know what is happening. Our employees have withdrawn from the wool of this animal places its attacks. Now she sent for examination. Possibility that appeared in Yusva animal unknown to science, can not be denied to the end. We ourselves are very curious about who perpetrated these attacks "- quoted him" Rossiyskaya Gazeta ".

Arkady Azaev

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