Ancient Map of the Urals


Ancient Map of the Urals
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The estimated age of discovered an ancient map of the Ural Mountains is estimated to be 120 million years old. Our assessment is based on the grounds that when the Earth was attended by its creators, and it is closer to 90 million years. Since the Ural Mountains are located in the old earth's solid platform, always remained above sea level, it is possible and likely that their form could remain the same over the past eras. True if this card and who it was? It is real, although age is estimated not quite accurate and was moved further away from the present. Creators cards are not treated since Homo Sapiens, or even humanoid. As we argued, Homo Sapiens — is not the first sentient being on Earth capable of forming reincarnating soul. Before the extinction of the dinosaurs here there was another race — reptilian, which engineered the same level. These reptiles development were comparable to human. What you might call them his hands were as deft as in modern lizards on your Earth. Discovered creation belonged to these creatures.
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Stepan torticollis, Dmitry Plenkin (photos)

Discovery, made by scientists of Bashkiria, contrary to traditional notions of human history. On a stone slab, whose age is about 120 million years old, applied relief map of the Ural region

A stone slab found in the village of Chandar. According to scientists, this is part of the relief map of the Ural region. Researchers believe that in the near Chandar may be other pieces of a giant map. It may seem incredible. Scientists of Bashkir State University have found irrefutable evidence of the existence of ancient advanced civilization. It is found in about 1999 a huge stone slab depicting the countryside, made anonymous way. This is a real, relief map. Approximately is at war. On a stone map shows the civil engineering works: a system of canals length of 12,000 km, weirs, powerful dams. Not far from the diamond-shaped channel area, the purpose of which is unclear. There is a map and legend. Many inscriptions. At first thought it was an ancient Chinese language. It turned out, no. Inscriptions made on hieroglyphic-syllabic language of unknown origin, reading is not amenable to …
"The more I learn, the more I understand that I know nothing", — says the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of Bashkir State University, Alexander Chuvyrov. It Chuvyrov made a sensational find. Back in 1995, the professor and his graduate student from China Huan Hun decided to study the possible relocation of the peoples of ancient China to the present territory of Siberia and the Urals. In one of the expeditions to Bashkiria, they found several rock carvings made by ancient Chinese language, which confirmed the hunch of Chinese migrants. The inscriptions were read. They mostly contained information about trade transactions, registration of marriages and deaths.

On a stone map, scientists were able to see the outlines of rivers, hills and waterworks. In their view, the indentation in the center of the plate — the ancient Ufa Canyon, later disappeared due to tectonic plate shifts. However, in the course of scientific research in the archives of Ufa governor-general found notes, dating from the end of the XVIII century. They said about two hundred unusual white stone slabs, which are supposedly near the village of Chandar Nurimanovsky district. The idea that these plates can be related to the Chinese settlers. Alexander Chuvyrov found in the archives also mention that in the XVII-XVIII centuries, expeditions of Russian scientists who investigated Ural, recorded that they had examined 200 white slabs with signs and patterns, and in the early XX century archaeologist A. Schmidt also seen in Bashkiria some six white plates. This has led scientists to the top of searches. In 1998, formed a team of his friends and students, Chuvyrov took the job. He hired a helicopter flew over the first expedition of places where presumably could be plate. But in spite of all the efforts to find the ancient slabs were not found. Desperate, Chuvyrov even thought that the existence of stone slabs — no more than a beautiful legend. Success came unexpectedly. During one of his visits to the village of Chandar Chuvyrovu approached a former chairman of the local village council Krainev father's house, by the way, stayed archaeologist Schmidt: "You're here looking for some plates? I have a strange slab in the yard lies." "At first, I did not take this information seriously — says Chuvyrov — but still decided to go and see. I do remember that day — July 21, 1999. Under the porch of the house lay a plate, and on it were inflicted any incisions. To reach this plate the two of us had not take it, and I rushed to get help in Ufa. " After a week in Chandar work started. Digging up the stove, searchers were amazed with its size: height — 148 cm, width — 106, thickness — 16. Her weight was not a ton. Owner of the house for a few hours made special wooden rollers, by which the plate and rolled out of the pit. The find was called "Dakshin Stone" in honor of Alexander born the day before Chuvyrova granddaughter and transported to the University for research. Cleared the land and … could not believe their eyes. "At first glance, — says Chuvyrov — I realized that this is not just a piece of stone, but a real map, and also is not simple, and the volume. Yeah, you see it for yourself." "How was able to identify the place? We thought at first and did not admit that the card can be so ancient. Fortunately, for many millions of years, changes in the relief of modern Bashkortostan are not global. Easily recognizable hill Ufa and Ufa Canyon is the main point of our evidence, as we have carried out geological studies and found its track where it should be, according to the ancient map. offset the canyon happened because of tectonic plates, with the approach of the east. Group of Russian and Chinese specialists working in the field of cartography, physics, mathematics, geology, geography, chemistry, and Old Chinese language managed to precisely find out that the board applied the Cockpit Ural region, with rivers White, Ufimka, Sutolkoy — Alexander Chuvyrov shows correspondents "Results" line on the stone. — On a map, look, clearly seen Ufa Canyon — the break the crust, stretching from Ufa to Sterlitimak. Currently on the former river canyon Urshak. Here it is. " The image on the plate surface is a map to scale 1:1.1 km. Alexander Chuvyrov as a physicist used to trust only the facts and analysis. Facts to date are as follows. It was possible to establish the geological composition of boards. As it turned out, it consists of three layers. Reason — 14 centimeters — is a rugged dolomite. The second layer — perhaps the most interesting — and I want to say, "made" of diopside glass. The technology of its treatment of science is unknown. Actually, on this layer and a depiction. The third layer is 2 mm — calcium china protecting the card against an external impact. "It should be noticed, — professor Chuvyrov — that the relief on the stove or in any case not cut out manually by an ancient stonecutter. This is simply impossible. Obviously, held machining of stone." X-ray photographs confirmed that the slab has an artificial origin, and was created with the help of some precision mechanisms. At first, the scientists supposed that the ancient plate can be of Chinese origin. Misled vertical inscriptions on the map. As is known, the vertical script was used in the ancient language to the III century. Professor Chuvyrov to test this hypothesis, flew to China, where it is not easily obtained permission to visit the imperial library. 40 minutes allocated to it by the guardians for rare books, he was convinced that the samples vertical writing on the stone slab are not like any of the options of the ancient Chinese writing. Meeting with colleagues from Hunan university, he completely gave up the version about "Chinese track." Scientists carried conclusion that porcelain, part of the plate in China has never been used. Also yielded nothing and trying to decipher the inscriptions, but were able to establish the nature of the letter — hieroglyphic-syllabic. However, Chuvyrov states the following: "As I see it, I was able to decipher a single icon on the map. It is the breadth of modern Ufa." As you study the mysteries of plates only add. The map clearly see the giant irrigation system in the region — an engineering marvel. In addition to rivers, shows two channel system width of 500 meters, 12 dams, 300-500 meters wide, approximately 10 km long and 3 km deep each. Dam helped in turning water in one direction or another, and for their creation has been moved more than a quadrillion cubic meters of earth. In comparison, the Volga-Don Canal to the present relief may seem like a scratch. As a physicist, Alexander Chuvyrov believes that under current conditions mankind can build only a small part of what is shown on the map. According to the map, the river channel was originally white artificial. Very difficult to define at least the approximate age of the slab. Conducted alternately radiocarbon analysis and scanning layers uranium chronometer led to contradictory results, and clarity in the age of the plates are not made. While examining the stone on the surface of two shells were found. Age of one of them — Navicopsina munitus family Gyrodeidae — about 50 million years, and the second — Ecculiomphalus princeps subfamily Ecculiomphalinae — 120 million years. It is this age and accepted as long as the working version. "The card was created just at the time when the magnetic pole was located in the modern area of Franz Josef Land, and it was just about 120 million years ago — says Professor Chuvyrov. — What appeared before us, is beyond the traditional perception of mankind and requires long-term addiction. We also got used to our miracle. Initially we thought that the stone somewhere around 3000. Gradually this age receded as long as the identified shell embedded in the plate to name a few objects . And who is to say that the shell was interspersed with a layer of the board still alive? Maybe card creator used the fossilized discovery? And if so, then the age of the slab may be older. "
What could be the appointment of a giant map? And here begins perhaps the most interesting. Materials of the Bashkir find of the study have already been in the center of historical cartography in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The Americans were amazed. In their view, such a three-dimensional map has only one purpose — navigation — and can be made only way for Aerospace Survey. Moreover, it is now in the United States are working on a similar project to create three-dimensional map of the world. And this work will be completed only in 2010! The fact is that in drawing three-dimensional maps to process a huge array of numbers. "Try otkartografirovat at least one mountain — said Chuvyrov — go crazy! Technology is making such a card requires a super-power computers and aerospace survey from the" shuttle. "Who, then, has created a map? Chuvyrov himself, speaking about the unknown cartographers, cautious:" I do not like it when people start talking about some of the aliens, extraterrestrials. Let's call the person who made the map, simply — the creator. "
Most likely, those who then lived and built, fly — no roads on the map there. Or use the waterways. There is also speculation that the authors of the ancient map did not live here, and prepared a place for the future settlement, draining the land. This can say with a great degree of certainty, but, of course, nothing can assert unequivocally. Why not assume that the authors of maps could be people of a certain pre-existing civilization? Recent research "card maker" bring a sensation after sensation. Scientists have no doubt that found in Chandar plate — only a small fragment of a big map of the earth. It is believed that all fragments was 348. It is possible that may be nearby and the remaining fragments of the map. In the vicinity of Chandar scientists took over 400 samples of soil and found out that most likely the entire card was located in the mountain gorge Falcon. However, during the glacial period, it was blown to pieces. If a "mosaic" will be able to re-assemble, then, according to calculations of scientists, the size of the stone cards should be approximately 340 by 340 meters. Again plunged into the study of archival material about Chuvyrov was able to establish the location of the four fragments. One can hide under a farmhouse in Chandar, the other — in the same village at the former home of the merchant Hasanov, the third — under one of the village baths, the fourth — under the support of the local railway bridge. Meanwhile, Bashkir scientists do not lose time in vain and try to, as they say, to "stake out land." Send out information about the discovery by the world's largest science centers, spoke at several international conferences on the topic: "Map of hydraulic structures of unknown civilizations of the Southern Urals." In addition, taking the Bashkir scientists on earth is not unique. However, one exception. When the studies were in full swing on the table to Professor Chuvyrovu got a small stone — chalcedony, which has suffered the same relief as that found on the plate. Perhaps someone who has seen the plate, I decided to copy the relief. But who did it and why — is also a big mystery. The history of "Dakshin stone" continues …

Professor Alexander Chuvyrov who discovered chandarskuyu plate, and the deputy director of the Ufa Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Reef Yakupov.














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