Anomalies Medvedetskoy Ridge



In the summer of 2007 members of the Study Group on the Volga and the paranormal group "Volga-Kosmopoisk" under the direction of Valery Borisovich Eniology Moskalyova several times went to the anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region, known as the Medveditskaya ridge.

According to eyewitnesses, marked by increased activity of the UFO over the territory of the zone. Every night marked bays luminous objects in the form of stars, binary stars and occasionally triangular stars high in the night sky. Attempts to photograph unidentified objects more often than not crowned with success because of their weak luminescence. However, some images at high magnification images can be obtained.

Day 22 August remembered for many residents of Volgograd region that, in 21 hours 50 minutes for 3-5 minutes they watched the flight of the sky at a height of 30-400 brightly luminous bodies with long trains of fire or products of combustion. The body was flying from south-east to north-west. I shortly after 22 pm call from Zhirnovskaya, Dubovka, Volgograd. In the following days, calls and meetings with eyewitnesses were many. She even had to go to the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and drive in a number of villages (Rybachiy An old Lebyazhya Polyana, hatcheries, etc.), because there were many, but in many ways contradictory information.

We managed to find witnesses, one of whom, Sergey Sorokin, gave us 6 unknown flying body images from a digital camera in a good performance. However, to qualify as a typical UFO's body, I would not. It looked like a comet or which has entered the Earth's atmosphere and fall to pieces, or rather, the combustion in the atmosphere of large artificial earth satellite: the flight was very similar in structure and combustion characteristics in the atmosphere of the Soviet station "Mir". Only in this case the angle was very small, it was almost horizontal flight. The odd thing was the fact that no later astronomers, nor the military did not comment on the phenomenon. And it was observed by many people, and many of the media Volgograd and local television to give it your full attention.

However, the passage of the luminous body in some parts of the Volgograd region was observed in a slightly different way than it has seen the most.

For example, in Zhirnovsk, far away from the abnormal area, teacher Larissa Sinkova as usual summer night, sat up late into the night in the courtyard of his house. The woman did not immediately drew attention to sound like the noise of a strong gust of wind. But turning on him, dumbfounded: straight to her yard from the southeast at low altitude, but at a good speed raced two large cigar-shaped object, thirty meters long each. In front of each of them were seen by two portholes through which flowed subdued light. Approaching, objects began to fall straight into the yard, where there was Larisa. When it touches the ground before they were only a few seconds, frightened woman ran into the house, locked all the doors and windows and sat there a long time, beside himself with horror at what he saw … Then he called his brother in Volgograd with the question: what to do? Brother, Alexander Litvinov, called me in the Volga …

A more detailed picture of the UFO reported hovering Valery Moskaliev his friend from the village Peskovka that is directly in the anomalous zone. In the village of 180 inhabitants, all of them in the night on August 22 were thrilled, did not sleep most of the night because of a UFO. According to her story, at half past nine pm on the street suddenly became as bright as day. TV immediately stopped working. The light blinked and went out, too. When people ran out into the street, he saw that the house of their low floating UFO saucer type. Because of the large size of the object they thought that he now will lay the antenna on the roof, and the fear all ran away from home.

Povisel plate for 10-15 minutes, then suddenly soared under most cloud and went to the village of novelty. Residents who poured out of their homes, had to see the windows on the perimeter of the plate.
But more strange began to happen. In the clouds there was any outbreak, there was something like a beam, and a UFO crash and fire bursts divided into three parts. They say it was the feeling that someone is at the top of scribbling a lighter, and a plate turns into balls of fire. Then there is the fire bright yellow body flew to the south, in the direction of Kamyshino and Volgograd.

UFO activity continued in the following days. August 25 evening VB Moskalev Barbash was in the village in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain in front of the Volga Volgograd. About 23 o'clock in the evening there was a UFO in the sky in the form of a triangle whose vertices identification lights were burning, pour it in blue, then yellow, then red. The ship was slowly circling over the river, over Barbash, above the village of Repin and descend below. At one point he went over Barbash so low, of the order of 100 meters, Moskaliev had time to make only one frame on the phone. On the frame is visible part of the "trehzvezdnika" with some loopholes. In fact it was filmed only a powerful glow comes out of a UFO. And the UFO changed its shape! At first he looked like a triangular plane "Stealth", then turned into a little box, then — in a bowl.

UFO activity in the Volga region in August and September, noted by many researchers. Goes some incomprehensible vanity in the night sky. Feeling as if a UFO chase each other. It is unclear whether this activity is associated with warnings about restless subsequent years? Observations of the Volga ufologists continue.

Gennady Belimov

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