Antizemlya — Gloria Planet


Humanity is looking for a very long time ago in the space brothers in mind. But the aliens can not be miles and miles away, and literally right under our noses! There is an assumption that the Earth's orbit, there is another planet that dubbed Antizemley or Gloria.


From time immemorial

The first of the existence of the Earth twin spoke of old. Even in the period of ancient Egypt, it was assumed that each of us has his own energy, astral double. Later it became known as the Soul. It is from there and has its origins theory of the existence Antizemli. Representations of the Egyptians about the world of "twins" affected the cosmogony of the ancient Greek philosopher Philology.

He placed in the center of the universe is not the Earth, as did other thinkers before him, and the Sun, to which he has assigned several names — House of Zeus, the Mother of the Gods, The center of the universe, etc. This undamped Fire gives life to everything, illuminates the whole world, and revolve around him Antizemlya, Earth, Moon, Sun, and five well-known ancient planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Strictly speaking, the existence of "extra" for the first time spoke of a celestial body other Pythagorean — Hicetas Syracuse, but that Philolaus developed his theory. Moreover, granted on Antizemle is life.

How fantastic would not look this theory, it has always had supporters. For example, some astronomers of the past supported it with both hands. In the XVII century, the first director of the Paris Observatory Giandomenico Cassini, whose name was called recently sent to Saturn interplanetary probe, announced that he had discovered an object near Venus, which he called the satellite of this planet. Cassini later admitted his mistake — say, a moon of Venus has not, up to the end of life as sacred and believed that he had observed in the sky, a hitherto unknown planet.

Maybe it was the same Antizemlya?

A century later, namely in 1740, the English astronomer and optician James Short, joined the chorus of voices in favor of the existence of the Earth's twin. Twenty years later, he was seconded by Johann Tobias Meyer — brilliant German astronomer and cartographer. Then interest waned to double the Earth, and for a long time about it no one remembered. Scientists decided and decreed that all this idle fictions that have nothing to do with reality. And all of a sudden interest in the mythical Gloria broke out with renewed vigor.

Invisible Space

Disturber of the public peace was a Russian scientist Kirill P. Butusov — a prominent astrophysicist and author of a number of fundamental work and discoveries in the field of radio astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics, and theoretical physics. Professor Butusov — the author is not a bold theory. That he was not afraid to give a forecast for the presence of a number of celestial bodies beyond Pluto and ten satellites of Uranus. It is the first time in modern history, and argued openly spoke about the existence of Gloria — double-planet Earth. Unfortunately, in the past, in 2012, the year of Cyril Pavlovich was gone. But there were his work, records, interviews …

According to Butusova, the Sun would be the point of Lagrange or libration point. It is believed that if there is a planet Nibiru, it is exactly in exactly the same point. It is "hidden" and Gloria. For this reason on the part of the Earth, and that is difficult to recognize, and another planet. In addition, the Earth and Gloria are moving around the Sun at the same speed, and see the "invisible" is impossible — it closes our solar disk. Why none of the astronauts and the astronauts did not even have seen this mysterious stranger? After all, Americans are known to have landed on the moon, where it is able to observe Antizemlyu.

It turns out that the projection of the sun on the other side of the earth's orbit hides a "piece" of 600 Earth diameters. It is enough to make "room for oneself" another planet. To see it, the Americans had to fly at a distance of one and half a dozen times larger than the Moon's orbit. An indirect proof of the existence of our double, according to Butusova — is disturbance in the movement of Venus and Mars. The fact that the planet motion along its orbit is calculated ahead of time, behind it. And in those moments, when Mars is ahead of schedule, Venus behind him, and vice versa. However, Mars and Venus, in turn, can also disturb the movement of the Gloria, so sometimes it can be observed. At the time, like happiness halts Cassini spotted near some crescent-shaped body of Venus and decided that it was her companion.


Assuming that Gloria is life, civilization there has to be developed better than ours. Perhaps the inhabitants of Antizemli long ahead of us in terms of development. Moreover, it is possible that the inhabitants of the Gloria are behind us, earthlings, vigilant observation. A "dish" that we sometimes see in the sky, and there are messengers from another planet. Aliens are as afraid of any fire hazards that can happen on Earth, because Earth and Antizemlya connected by one indissoluble chain.

Any serious cataclysm on this planet can backfire on Gloria. If, for example, nuclear explosions shifted the Earth from orbit, the two planets will sooner or later come together in a deadly "kiss." Then not be good for anyone. And just "extra" convergence does not bode well. If the Earth and Gloria will be next, then the force of gravity of both planets will raise a huge wave in the ocean, which will flood the entire land in all the continents of the Earth. Perhaps, once something like that has happened, because the legend of a universal deluge could not be born in a vacuum.

Pro and con

It is fair to say that the theory Butusova many opponents. They argue their case as follows. First, if Gloria would have the same weight as that of the moon at least, its effect on the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars would be so huge that this would be a long time, scientists have said. Second, the opposite points on the orbit are unstable, in a relatively short time the planet Gloria would cease to be in it and went to another, though close, orbit, thus would come out from behind the sun was shining and the sky. Third, Invisible still can not be in the completely opposite point of the orbit due to the libration and during solar eclipses necessarily would have shown his "face."

Well, in a dispute between supporters and opponents of the hypothesis of the existence of Gloria, as always, all the i will put only one judge — time.

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