Approaching the last act of PR — Plan One World Government — an alien invasion?



Interview with Gordon Duff, Ch. vetaranov editor of the American army and the State Department "Veterans today."

Gordon Duff (chief editor of "Veterans Today". "Veterans Today, a specialized edition of the prestigious American veterans of the U.S. Army and State Department employees. — Approx. said on a radio show Michael Harris that UFOs and aliens are actually here and have been with us always. Duff, member of the intelligence community, also shows that the United States had developed anti-gravity technology and other advanced technologies.

He says, "that energy weapons not only exist, but also maximized, making it our largest nuclear weapons look like a walk in the park" and that "space weapons have long been deployed, not only nuclear weapons but also energy weapons."

Duff also says that "the U.S. system riddled with tunnels and underground bases" and that "there are people in this country who spend their entire lives underground, we have a second population, the underground."

Use your insight and intuition to understand why the information is being revealed to us!

This is an excerpt from the show Michael Harris, which aired on the Jeff Rense radio March 20, 2013


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