Archaeologists have found where the entrance to hell. Door to Hell was on the ground.


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Italian archaeologists have found the entrance to the realm of the dead. Italian archaeologists said they found a portal to the realm of the dead, also known as the gate of Pluto (the lord of the underworld in Roman mythology), reports Discovery.

On the discovery was announced in March at a conference in Istanbul. The discovery was made during excavations of the ruins of the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis in southwestern Turkey, a group led by professor of classical archeology at the University of Salento Francesco d'Andriya. The professor said that archaeologists have found the "gates of hell" by reconstructing the route thermal source

Gates of Pluto were considered the entry point into the realm of the dead. The ancients described this place as a toxic air filled cavern big enough to go through the enclosed entry could get a man. "This space is filled with fog so thick that you can not see the ground. Any animal which has got inside, dying instantly, — wrote the Greek historian Strabo. — I threw the sparrows, they drew his last breath and fell down dead."

Today, the sanctuary of Pluto remains of the temple, the pool and located on top of the steps. "People could watch from the steps of the sacred rites, but they could not come near to the gate. Before them only the priests could not stand," — said the Italian archaeologist.

Functioned until the IV. BC Temple was an important place of pilgrimage for Late Antiquity. To know the future, pilgrims bathing in the pool and slept next to the gate. Coming out of the ground couples could cause hallucinations.

During the excavations, scientists were able to confirm the rightness of Strabo: a few birds were killed before their eyes, too close to the "gates of hell".

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