Are popular free utility for communication on the Web

Popular free programs for communication on the Internet

In the days of IT-technology, web, social networks and copious amounts of personal pages, and do not forget about the fundamental factors linking the world's population — communication.

Communicating with different people, a person can markedly expand its own horizons and area of expertise. Web provides an opportunity to talk with at least what people who are in at least some part of the world. Why, then, to miss such an opportunity?

Using search engines, you can find out the best utility for communication are:
• ICQ;
• QIP.
What are the advantages of each?


Good and time-tested programm. Comfortable to work has a lot of options, and with all this, still remains normal. The only drawback of this is the availability of programs from advertising (banners, slightly below the list of contacts). Therefore, if you decide to start talking to the web, pay your attention to such program as ICQ


The program has the usual Skype, friendly and beautiful interface, which can easily sort out even the most experienced computer user. Given that Skype uses a data transmission system p2p, this example program can be identified as the most spirited, minuyuschuyu different services and share your information right on board computer of your interlocutor. Good for work (conducting business meetings online) and Housing (communication with distant relatives). The main "plus" applets — maintaining a huge number of video or audio contacts at once.


The program supports the accounts of many social networks, allowing you to reply to messages sent by email and view videos without having to go into your own acc to facebook, vkontakte, or at least some other social network via a browser, but just to see all programs from the window. The program, addition to the standard options, also has advanced options that ordinary, uncomprehending to the user, it is better not to take advantage. Thanks to the support of many accounts, blogs, Jaber, and social networks, qip has become so popular in our time applets.

Here's to you a list of the most not bad communication programs on the web, which one to use — it's up to you, but what kind of example program you choose will depend on the quality of service and communication.

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