Around Saturn rotates incredible antiquity



Rings and moons of Saturn are much older than previously thought. As reported by NASA, the data space probe "Cassini" show that they are around four billion years.

This means that the gas giant spins a sort of "antique shop" — the ancient celestial body that appeared during the birth of the solar system, at a time when there were around a young star protoplanetary cloud.

Draw such a conclusion allowed astronomers to data "Cassini" that around Saturn has a large number of water ice. Since outside Saturn "Snowy line" where the water is not evaporated by solar radiation, the astronomers concluded that this ancient ice occurred during the time of birth of the solar system. He could not be listed there by comets, because its too much.

"Cassini" also collected new data on the satellites and rings of Saturn, which could explain why they are painted in a particular color. For example, powerful geysers on Enceladus paint the satellite and the nearby ring in white. Other rings and moons have a reddish tint, which they must, apparently, meteorites, zanesshego there a large number of iron oxide.

Looking at pictures of Prometheus and the adjacent rings, experts have also suggested that their reddish color may indicate that the satellite was once a "blinded" of ring material. "Scientists thought about whether companions emerge from the ring particles — as the prevailing theory was that the rings are formed from decaying contrary satellites. Their color gives us a strong evidence in favor of what may be the opposite," — said Dzhanriko Filachchione, employee of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics.

Timur Rakhimov

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