As children become alcoholics because of drinking parents

Alcoholism parents kill their children

Drunkenness parents never goes in vain for the younger generation. Naive assumption that the children, seeing the behavior of parents who do not repeat their mistakes, it is unlikely. In 87% of children and adolescents repeat the fate of dependent adults.

In general, the causes of child alcoholism formally there are four. They are:

1. The desire to express themselves and assert themselves in the eyes of the public, as well as direct dependence on the society in which the child turns.

2. The need to hide from the problems.

3. The presence of uncontrolled money and free time, neglect of parents.

4. Alcoholism parents.

Only one of the four reasons strictly conditional prosperous social status of parents, where adults can pay little attention to their children, so that they assign excessive time dangerous hobbies.

All other causes are inextricably linked, as the children of alcoholics do not just repeat the life script of his family, but also constantly under stress, are not able to express themselves, to analyze their internal problems, they have no one to trust. As a result, children of alcoholics are often embarrassed by their peers, with a passionate desire to be accepted by them, and therefore by any means wish to seem "friends" in the company. Way to prove their worth they have no real skills and achievements in children is not enough. They had no choice but to prove their adulthood most primitive ways to get drunk, to boast of their "skills."

The more attention paid adult alcoholic leisure, the greater the chance that the child will sooner or later become addicted to excessive libations.

And if the adult has a well-established organization, for the child that alcohol is more dangerous than a young body can not cope with the coming of toxic substances and properly formed. As a result, data 18 forms a potential alcoholic, that by 30-35 years are more likely to become a chronic alcoholic and, in turn, will grow a new generation of degraded people.

Why it is very dangerous to use alcohol if there are children in the family

Children's mind is highly susceptible. If a family is a model of behavior become a regular feast, the child does not see anything wrong with such a visit. If a child is constantly observed the withdrawal from binge of a parent, it takes the situation to heart, perhaps irritated, certainly experiencing often gives himself a promise in any case not to repeat the flawed behavior of parents when he grows up.

But the worst thing going on in adulthood. Whatever said to myself baby, that alcoholism — It's bad, terribly bad, focusing on the parents, he repeats these actions, and at one point observes that alcohol has a calming effect. And no other way to relieve stress in a growing person because there is no adequate examples of reasonable behavior. These examples are provided to him in the first place the family, and the environment the child finds a match.

And if adult may, by their own efforts seek to Narcologist, to try to somehow solve the problem, to study treatments for alcoholism, the child to do it is very difficult, almost impossible.

In childhood, parents' behavior is not subject to critical evaluation. 15-18 years old teenager continues to believe that parents come reasonably and properly. A if had already formed a habit to consume excess alcohol, the alcohol becomes a part of human life. Moreover, at the physical level children develop tolerance to the regular dose of alcohol.

Abuse by children leads to disastrous consequences, with which to fight an order of magnitude more complex than the problem of self-dependence. If you drink at children, think about the treatment of alcoholism today, before it's too late.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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