Assembling the rocket Proton-M to launch the European satellite KA-SAT is completed

There was a removal of a space rocket "Proton-M" with the spacecraft "KA-SAT" at the gas station.

Have successfully completed assembly operations — mechanical and electrical coupling with the head of the "package" of the three stages of the launch vehicle "Proton", performed by personnel Khrunichev Khrunichev in the assembly hall of the 111 test facility 92-A50.

After assembling the RCN brought to the pipeline (for the thermal control of the spacecraft, which is located under the cowl) to set the protective fairing Thermocover. The spacecraft and other components and systems RKN passed the required test. This afternoon RCN carried out by Mikal technical gas station for refueling tanks low pressure booster.

Starting the "KA-SAT" is scheduled at the end of December. Spacecraft "KA-SAT» (KA-SAT) made European concern EADS Astrium commissioned by the French satellite operator Eutelsat Communications. Entered into a contract for the launch of the Russian-American joint venture International Launch Services.

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