Assembling the rocket Soyuz satellite Glonass-M is completed in Plesetsk


The assembly of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-2.1b" with the spacecraft "Glonass-M" concluded on Thursday at the launch site in Plesetsk.

This is the official representative of the Russian Space Forces Alexei Zolotukhin. "Booster fully assembled is on transporters in assembly and testing of technical complex where the staff of the Center for the combat crew testing and application of space systems provides round the clock monitoring of temperature and pressure inside the rocket", — Said in a statement.

The installation of 25 November will take out to the launch pad. The launch vehicle "Soyuz-2.1b" is scheduled for November 28.

Last cluster launch of three satellites "Glonass-M" from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan took place on 4 November. Satellites to the end of December to begin work in the navigation system, with several of them will be transferred to the reserve.

Formation of the constellation system, designed for simultaneous operation of 24 spacecraft "Glonass", was completed on October 3 launch and subsequent commissioning of the next satellite "Glonass-M". Signal to the Russian satellite navigation system has been made available without restrictions for the reception around the world after the commissioning of the spacecraft. The presence of 24 operating satellites in orbit "Glonass", broadcasting navigation signals, allows for continuous navigation throughout the globe.

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