Asteroid 2012 BX34 very close

Asteroid 2012 BX34 very close Facts

January 27 at a distance of about 60,000 km from the Earth, which is 0.2 the way to the moon, fly open two days ago, asteroid 2012 BX34. According to the Minor Planet Center, in the middle of the day (15:30 UTC) amateur astronomers can observe flying asteroid, the brightness of which is 14 magnitudes and equals the brightness of Pluto.

According to recent data, the rate of 2012 BX34 size of a bus up to 8900 km / s. The trajectory of the flight is clearly defined and lies closer to the Earth's satellite moon, than the planet itself. The threat of collision and other negative consequences of approaching the 14-meter high stone blocks are not reported, because its size is too small. The minimum size of the asteroid, which is a potential danger to Earth, exceeding 140 meters in diameter.

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