Australia is stored donor blood for 30 years

April 30. Protected by natural disasters blood bank and on its processing center was opened in Melbourne in Copus former car company. It is designed to meet the demand for the most important components of blood in the next 30 years.

Melbourne center for processing blood, opened April 30 and cost the treasury $ 213 million, is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7 points and work independently without external supply of water, gas, electricity, and no sewage for four days.

Chairman of the Blood Service Australian Red Cross, Dr. David Hamill said that increased security measures will help to protect the critical blood supplies in the event of a major disaster.

The center, which is located in the west of Melbourne, will replace the old facility in Sautbend, he will serve the growing demand for blood products over the next three decades. Demand is expected to double within 10-20 years, as the population ages.

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The center will handle about 30 percent of the national blood supply, receiving up to 1,500 units of blood per day from all over the state of Victoria and Tasmania.

Whole blood and blood products, including platelets, plasma, and will be processed, tested, and then be stored and distributed as necessary.

The Centre will also validate testing bone marrow donors and to check for compatibility.

Source: MigNews

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