Australian Pilbara experiencing regular flooding and drought

June 26, 2013. West Australian Pilbara coast region again subjected to flooding after a storm attacks a tropical cyclone. In a number of cities and small settlements announced a warning about the danger, as expected a serious rise in water level. In Goulburn, south of the neighboring state of New South Wales, still relevant decree on the evacuation of the population.

In the vicinity of Karratha in the last 24 hours has dropped about 210 mm of rain, this is a very large amount of rainfall, so that the soil can not just soak. This day in history Karratha has named the most rainy of all of its existence. The record is really impressive, since in some years is the amount of precipitation for the month. For example, in January 2006 Karratha received 212 mm of rain, so that the month was named the record for precipitation.

The city rescuers managed to pull out of the water stream a large number of people, including four children. The flood affected residents of neighboring Roberna stuck on a flooded road. There is no electricity is 650 houses in Port Hedland 26 such homes.

It is interesting that at the same time in the same state of Australia, Western Australia, but in a different city, the weather bureau states beginning severe drought. Dangerous drought conditions develop in Perth. Current in June voted second in aridity in the history of meteorological observations. While Karratha floods in Perth has dropped a little less than 40 mm of rain, and the monthly amount of rainfall was only 175 mm.


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