Baikal goes under water

June 30, 2013. North Baikal region has turned into a disaster zone. After showers mountain river burst its banks, destroying everything in its path. Bridges razed villages and towns inundated. His hundreds of families have lost their homes.

Of the Trans-Baikal Tungokochena get to the mainland today only by helicopter. Yes, and the village itself has to travel by boat.

Due to heavy rains the small rivers on the north edge sharply overflowed. Located in flood plains towns flooded. Turbulent fluxes and demolished four road bridges and washed away the track. Who road services erect temporary crossing to bring peace to people cut off from food, medicine, water and diesel fuel.

"Water has risen at night. On the morning somewhere she began to rise sharply in general, stopped at 6:30, the dam burst and stood at the same level, and in the afternoon about four o'clock began to subside, "- says a resident Alex Tungokochena Tchuprov.

Most of the disaster suffered Tungokochen. Living here for about a thousand people, 250 private houses podtopilo. Residents had to be evacuated urgently, and in the upper part of the village where the flood did not reach — erect a tent city. Now the water is decreasing. People began to gradually adapt their homes in order.

In the garden at Galina Yamshikova still standing puddles, planting vegetables, most likely, not be saved. Most of the seedlings washed wood, here are literally washed away from the yard. "Everywhere else the water, underground, and all the furniture is still wet. Now I was trying to melt the oven to dry at least, "- she said.

Control of the situation in the region have taken Tungokochenskom regional authorities. They have promised that the victims of the floods will be paid compensation. "Two houses completely destroyed, and we will build them at the expense of the regional budget, and the rest, though small, but compensation will be. Made a decision today about the overhaul of the school and made a decision about moving kindergarten and placing it in a new place, "- said Acting Governor Konstantin Ilkovsky Trans-Baikal region.

Now Baikal regime introduced emergency. Rescue workers and local authorities to assess the damage caused by floods.

Source: Lead

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