Beijing — a city of the future?

Beijing — a city of the future? It is interesting

How can you benefit the environment with high-speed trains? The answer is simple — if you build megacities around these rail services, as China does in his new project "Innovative Development of Beijing-Bohai."

Expanding the borders of the Chinese capital will add to the existing area is 17.6 million square meters, which will be used for various purposes. But special emphasis on providing high quality location of head offices of the most advanced companies in the district capital of Bohai. This place is responsible for a quarter of China's annual GDP. Government announced an international tender for the development of Beijing-Bohai and the winner was the company Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM).

Architectural firm with headquarters in Chicago created a project clean the area along the Chinese high-speed railway linking the capital with the port city Tyantsin. Around the central business district will be located five districts with homes, shopping centers and educational institutions.

By combining the high-speed railway with the metro lines, rapid transit, tramway fleet of electric vehicles, the project SOM has 80% of the owners of public transport with a convenient public transport, walking and cycling. In accordance with the company to develop safe walking and cycling model of road junctions, and also provides a convenient system of transplants for students, tourists and residents of the neighboring areas.

Expansion of the city is built on the basis of a draft wetland park in Tyantsin company Turenscape, which is engaged in providing a functional ecological system of purification and filtration of storm water before returning it to the nearby rivers. Another feature of the project is to provide about 750 acres of land for open space.

The project "Innovative development of Beijing-Bohai" a completely new model, based on a system of passenger transportation. The project connects the two metropolitan areas with existing rail services and provides an environmentally sustainable environment, in which the stop message will be surrounded by a large pedestrian zones, and existing agricultural areas and green spaces will be preserved.

In addition, the SOM that sets the decisive goals efficient use of water, electricity, waste, renewable energy and building design in the project "Innovative Development of Beijing-Bohai" significant place is given a healthy life and family in an urban setting.

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