Best latest ACS Tanks and World

Best latest ACS Tanks and World Best latest ACS Tanks and World

ACS K9 Thunder:
Company Forecast International, Inc, is engaged in research and analysis of the arms market, examining the market for self-propelled artillery, came to the conclusion that in the coming 10 years, the most popular and desired ACS is a South Korean K9 Thunder installation company «Samsung Techwin».
Tower and housing K9 Thunder is one hundred percent of welded metal sheets rolled armor that protects the crew from small arms fire guns, also fragments of mines and shells. Standard equipment includes installation system for protection against weapons of mass destruction, heater, communications, fire alarm system and a set of night vision devices. Self-propelled gun crew consists of 5 members: commander, driver, gunner and 2-charging.
In the front of the 47-tonner located office management to the workplace of the driver and the engine-transmission compartment aft machine takes the fighting compartment with a tower.
The machine is equipped diesel engine MTU 881 series, which develops power of 735 kW. Diesel is interlocked with automatic XI 100 4AZ office «Allison», providing forward movement on 4 gears and reverse 2-hoo. Propulsion system allows the car to move on roads with hard surface with the greatest speed of 67 km / h, with all this progress in store is 480 km. K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer has hydropneumatic suspension differs overpriced maneuverability and smoothness.
The tower radial rotatably mounted long-barreled 155 mm howitzer, Curb slotted muzzle brake and ejector. On the gun barrel placed sensor initial velocity of the projectile, which transmits the information bortovik. On the roof of the tower mounted 12.7-mm machine gun to fire at ground and air targets.
Automatic feeding ammunition provides the highest short-term rate — 3 shots in 15 seconds. In normal conditions the calculation produces 6 shots per minute. Rockets charged into the breech, and shall be sent to the automaton, while propelling charges in ordinary caps or modern modular stacked manually. Ammunition consists of 46 self-propelled rounds of separate loading.
When firing projectiles ERFB-HE (active-reactive explosive projectile with lead belt) maximum range of 50 km, using active-missile — 40 km. Crew can open fire just 30 seconds after stopping the machine. His shells fly to the same goal by different paths, it can kill the enemy with 100% probability. Chance of firing nuclear warheads.
Newcomer ACS significantly increased ability army artillery, because it has a huge range and different good security, and mobility. Each battalion SAU K9 Thunder has three batteries of 6 units each. K9 Thunder howitzer used in groups with automatic vehicle replenish ammunition K10.

Weight 47 tons
Length 12 m
Width 3.4 m
Height 2.73 m
Crew 5
Rate: 3 shots in 15 seconds max — 6-8 rounds / min
Range: 30000-56000 m
Armament: 155mm howitzer, gun HMG 12,7 mm (.50 caliber)
Engine MTU MT 881 Ka-500 8-cylinder with water cooling of diesel 1,000 hp
Hydropneumatic suspension
Travel 480 km in store
Speed ​​67 km / h

Tank XK-2 Black-panther:

Best latest ACS Tanks and World

Reservations and security XK2 like Armor American Abrams M1A2, but HK2 lighter weight is 55 tons of armored vehicles. Reservations made with the introduction of advanced composite armor class Chobham, also active modular armor that protects the tank against HEAT ammunition. Apart from this XK2 Black Panther planned to equip Russian with active protection «Arena-E». The tank is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system and also anti-nuclear defense.
The tank is armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun stabilized Rheinmetall L55, providing increased initial velocity of the projectile with automatic loading and rate of 15 rounds per minute, produced in South Korea by the German license.
The tank has a standard set of shells: 16 shells in loading mechanism and another 23 in the compartment in the main body. Gun ammunition includes developed in South Korea shells KSTM-120 class STM (new homing shots that can destroy tanks from above, flying on the cable line of motion), like the South American HM943 STAFF. Rockets do not have their own motor, stabilized in flight with 4 stabilizers equipped homing system and fly obstacles. Active projectile guidance system 120 includes KSTM-millimeter range radar, infrared and radiometric sensors, allowing to allocate excellent target signal interference in the midst of its corresponding signature. Projectile flies through the «mortar» line of motion. Upon reaching the highest point of the flight projectile inhibited by using a small parachute to provide sufficient guidance system to scan the area and identify the target time. Defeat armored targets is usually less protected from the upper hemisphere using generated when blowing striking element (Explosive Formed Projectile, EFP). Range projectile acts — from 2 to 8 km. In addition, the tank can fire these munitions due to obstruction, with carport. You also have the opportunity to fire on the move and guidance of the projectile to the target operator.
In addition, armed with the «Black Panthers» are coupled with the gun 7.62-mm machine gun (12,000 rounds) and 12.7-mm anti-aircraft gun (3200 rounds ammunition).
South Korean tank has an advanced onboard control system element is the weapon control system. HK2 resettled millimeter radar spectrum for conventional tanks laser rangefinder meter crosswind speed, laser sensors and radar radiation. Likely takeover target for automatic tracking. There is a mechanism for automatic delay shot, allowing make random displacements guns — for example, the management of fire on the move over rough terrain. System management tool allows you to hit low-flying aircraft and helicopters using 120mm gun. IVIS system allows the crew to communicate with friendly forces, increasing the level of perception of the battlefield situation. Onboard GPS receiver allows you to share information about the current location inside the unit. There sensor features of the external environment. Tank supports data exchange format C4I, satisfies the requirements of the internal standard NATO STANAG 4579.
XK2 Black Panther tank with snorkel able to overcome water obstacles up to a depth of 4.1 m and has the highest maneuverability underwater. Firing may be immediately after being out of the water.
Tank resettled active suspension system that allows him to change the ride height depending on the nature of the terrain. The tank can not just «sit» on the ground, and «lean» forward or reverse the growth of the spectrum configuration elevation angles. The last feature on the views of designers tank useful during combat operations in rugged hilly and mountainous areas. The tank can climb slopes up to 60 degrees and climbing vertical obstacles up to 1.3 m, which also makes it normally adapted for warfare in mountainous terrain.
Engine XK2 Black Panther is a 12-cylinder diesel engine cooling water, motor power of the tank is 1500 liters .. Significant reduction in size compared with the motor installed on a strong Q1 1200 have allowed the engine positioned in the engine compartment auxiliary 400-horsepower turbine engine production Samsung providing energy supply of all subsystems of the tank even when the main engine. This design has significantly lower fuel consumption, increase autonomy and progress in store tank, also lower infrared and acoustic signature of the tank. Speed ​​HK2 «Black Panther» on the highway is 70 km / h on rough terrain — 50 km / h, in store range — 450 km .. Set speed — 32 km / h «on the spot» takes 7.
New Korean MBT has a traditional assembly. The crew consists of three people: a commander, gunner and driver.
Korean MBT XK2 Black Panther in real time is the most expensive tank in the world, the price of one machine is around 8.5-8.8 million dollars. By early 2010, was released four experimental tank XK2 a 2-embodiments. Also at the time of release is brand new modification of the tank under the designation K2 PIP. Her suspension will be even more perfect — active, scanning the surface of the earth before the tank to seamlessly adjust to the terrain. You will also add anti-explosion reactive armor, active protection and perhaps newcomer gun.

Combat weight, t: 55 — 58
Crew. 3
Armor, mm:
forehead body 750 — 800
forehead Tower 900
Armament: 120 mm smoothbore gun
functional grenade
installation «Galiks»
Ammunition: 40 rounds
Engine: diesel,
power 1500 hp
Road speed, km / h: 70

2.Pustynya and semidesert — tank Merkava IV (Chariot). Israel.
Merkava IV:

Best latest ACS Tanks and World

The tank «Merkava» Mk 4 a diesel engine V-12 power of 1500 hp — Improvement in comparison with the power plant tank Mk 3 1200 hp Components of the motor run by MTU of Germany, collected under license by General Dynamics Land Systems in the U.S. and then exported to Israel as a powerplant GD 883. Engine located in the front part of the body, two fuel tanks are located in the aft part of the tank and one — in the front.
The tank Mk 4 120mm smoothbore gun. Loading of the gun with the automatic system that selects one of several type of ammunition, including promising new 120-mm shells with high penetrating ability.
Tank Mk 4 more tanks Mk 3 and has only one hatch in the tower, which is used commander. Industry representative said that the tower was improved after the model Mk 3 were found difficulties with stabilization.
The fire control system of the tank «Merkava» Mk 4 includes advanced television and thermal imaging channels and automatic target tracking device and stabilized panoramic sight. The aft tank mounted camera to ensure the driver rear view when maneuvering the tank.
To improve visibility when fighting in urban criteria on the tank «Merkava» MK4 installed brand new commander’s cupola.
Representatives of the Ministry of Defence said that the main quality of the tank «Merkava» remains his defense, including system identification and hazard warning electric radiation. They said that Tank Mk 4 resettled special modular armor, which for the first time protected tower. Any of the 48 shells placed in the tank Mk 4, packed in a protective container to prevent an explosion in case of contact with the tank.
After the attacks on the Palestinian side, during which two tanks «Merkava» Mk 3 mines were destroyed, the bottom of the tank hull Mk4 was Resettled additional protection.
The tank «Merkava» Mk 4, like its predecessors, a Modular Tower reservations. This defeats one of the first module may be replaced without a lengthy repair.
Another advantage is the ease of booking modular modernization as necessary to improve the armor protection of the tank.
The tank Merkava 4 for the first time in zabugornom tank manufacturing complex was set active protection Trophy. The complex of active defense «Trophy» is designed to protect the tank against anti-tank guided missiles and grenades antitank grenade launchers.
Automatic mode of operation of the complex and tracking radar. Protected sector of 360 degrees.
Four radar stations along the perimeter of the tower in continuous emits electric waves blizkoraspolozhenny place. At a distance of a few 10’s of meters radar detects striker antitank ammunition and instructs his unichtozhenieKompleks Trophy active protection of the Israeli co-production
Settlement price of the tank 3.7 million dollars per unit. Settlement price KAZ «Trophy» at least 10% of the price of the tank.

Combat weight, t 70
Crew (troops) 4 (10)
Dimensions, m:
length (body) 7.8
width 3.72
Height (turret roof) 2.66
Clearance 0.53 m
Armament, number x caliber, mm:
gun (type) 1×120
guns 2h7.62
mortar 1h60
Ammunition, pcs:
48 shots
10,000 rounds of ammunition
30 minutes
Power diz. motor hp 1500
Most road speed, km / h 60
Supplies range, km 500
Overcoming obstacles:
rise, 30 deg
vertical wall, 1 m
ditch, m 3
ford depth, m:
— No training 1.38
— The preparation of 2.4

3.Russkoe roads — rocket-gun tank T-90S «Vladimir». Our homeland.
T-90S «Vladimir»:

Best latest ACS Tanks and World

Combat weight, t 46.5
Crew 3
Multi-fuel diesel engine,
liquid cooling
power, kW (hp) 735 (1000)
specific power, kW (hp) / 15.8 m (21.5)
cannon 125 mm smoothbore 2A46M,
automatic loading
rate of fire, rds. / min. to 8
type of armor-piercing shot, cumulative,
high explosive, guided missile
gun, coupled with the gun 7.62mm PKTM
anti-aircraft armament 12.7 mm machine gun «Kord»
Ammunition, pcs.:
shots to the gun
(Including in the autoloader) 43 (22)
Ammo 7.62 / 12.7 2000/300
Guided weapons 9K119 «Reflex»
Most range, m 5000
The fire control system day sight-rangefinder device
embedded control sight adjustment,
night gunner’s sight
(Electro-optical or thermal)
Range target identification of the «tank», to 3000 m (thermal channel)
Stabilizer biplane
Sighting and observation
range target identification of the «tank», m:
NIGHT MODE 700-1200
funny day 4000-10000
Combined armor protection, integrated
dynamic defense complex
active protection «Arena»
System launch smoke grenades, NBC,
Automatic PPO
Length with gun forward, mm 9530
Height of the roof of the tower, mm 2230
Speed, km / h:
average on a dry dirt road 40-45
Highest 60
In store down the highway, 550 km
Fuel tank capacity, l 1200 400
(With preparatory training), m 1.2 (1.8)
Fording aqua barrier with snorkel, up to 5 m
Means of communication:
VHF R-163-50U
VHF receiver R-163-UP

Creation story tank design features and know-how applied in the car, the main developers of commentary in the film: «The impact force. Supertank T-90 «:

T-90S tank is now considered the best series of tanks in the world, due to the complex the most modern technological systems and the protection of defeat, which is not present at the 1st zabugornogo standard armor. Of the many innovations introduced on the T-90 — the most powerful in the world tank gun, which is immediately to the launcher induced by laser beam missiles. Tank protection system provides «Blind» off track and homing anti-tank guided missiles and T-90 makes invisible to modern guidance systems. According to the views of foreign experts T-90 remains a favorite world tank of the decade.
India, which has developed and is building the MIC tanks own models, nevertheless, has a T-90 to make the basis of their own armored forces. Conclusion of the contract and its performance against a background of the dramatic situation of acute crisis and defense industry of. T-90 was subjected to a severe test in the criteria of the tropics. But the tank has withstood the test with flying colors. India has bought a huge batch of these tanks and established at the creation of a license. «Second, after the atomic bomb as a deterrent,» dubbed Indians T-90S tank. Created the T-90 Ural Machine Building Design Bureau languidly at Uralvagonzavod, one of the largest in the world tank factories in the town of Nizhny Tagil, the war has been called «Tankograd». Create a T-90 tank, start mass production, modernization commissioned by the Indians in the model T-90S was a real breakthrough in the industry of our tank hardest criteria crisis. Unfortunately, the chief designer Vladimir Potkin tank died in 1999. Rarely military equipment gets the name its creator, but in this case pluses tank were so powerful, and the contribution of design to their offspring so the weight that the government’s decision to the T-90 was named «Vladimir». In the movie uchavstvujut Uralvagonzavod CEO and chief designer of the Ural Machine-Building Design Bureau Vladimir Domnin languid, Head Armor Management General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Maev, the commander of the Guards Tank Regiment, Colonel Vladimir Sukhostavets.

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