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Today, scientists are trying to understand the healing gift of icons, a scientific case perpetrated by them miracles. One of the hypotheses to explain the medicinal properties of allowing the images of the saints, is the idea of the bioenergy field. According to some researchers, this field have not only living beings.

Under certain conditions it can accumulate in various subjects. Let's take a little'll stand in the church and watch the congregation. Frequent visitors to the temple at once distinguished by their behavior. They perform complex path along the walls of the temple: standing idle for a long time with a prayer in some icons, a sign of the sign of the cross and the other indifferently pass by the third. Every believer is intuitively seeks out among the saints of his image, causing the response or, in the language of science, "resonance" in the shower. It is this resonance of the human biofield bioenergy, introduced into an icon of the creator, has the effect of healing.

Trans creator.

Recall how the icons were created. Before their writing painter long cleanse itself from carnal passions, fasted, prayed, trying to reach a state of mind when he did not, and someone started to drive over it with his hand. Using modern terminology, we can say that the painter was a member of the trance state. In this state of modern psychics make their healing. And that trans icon painter of icons allow them to accumulate downward in charge of bioenergy.

Similarly, the accumulation of property and bioenergy have some of the works of artists, also written in a state of trance. Here, for example, that covered the creation of his paintings Viktor Korolev:

"Do I get a strange feeling that someone puts pressure on the psyche and needs to paint immediately. I just can not do other things. This condition is reflected in my aura. It dramatically increases. For example, when I go around the room and getting closer to the transistor, it immediately stops.'s wife yells from the kitchen: "Immediately get away from the radio, I need to know the weather for tomorrow!" I am going away from the transistor and wait until the end of the weather forecast. "

Paintings by Korolev in a trance, sometimes find themselves healing for the people. But you need to have experienced people around them, or resonance, says the King to "bio-field vibration pattern coincided with the vibrations of man."

However, sometimes there is a kind of a negative response, and then the picture does bioenergetic strike the unwary viewer. The artist tells how one overly emotional visitor gallery, where hung a picture, got burned hands, swinging in the heat of the argument to not like her image.

Hazardous icons.

Even more intensive energy effect of a number of the icon. Here, for example, what happened with some Russian tourist in (5gokgolme. group of Russian tourists came to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Religious services were no longer carried out, the temple was converted into a museum. Most of the tourists headed for the royal tombstones, and one turned into a small door and found myself in a dark, half-lit room. Its walls were completely covered with pictures and icons.

One of the icons of the tourist gaze riveted for long, if someone had tied him to it by invisible threads. Breathing became difficult, not enough air, the heart began to beat fainter, but to move away from a strange way no strength. Saved the hapless tourist minister Museum. He literally made it into a huge empty hall.

When the Russians came to, I found out that was not the first to whom acted as old icon. Sightseers who came to the cathedral, often complained of ailments that have experienced about this icon. Two years ago, one woman even fainted. After this incident, the icon was removed from the walls of the main hall and moved to the storeroom.

Cases of the harmful effects of some of the icons on the health of people recorded frequently. Chief researcher of the State Hermitage Museum, Professor Boris Sapunoff drew attention to the fact that in one of the rooms of the museum are often ill custodians. Icons, according to the women that make them high blood pressure, headaches, and general malaise, but no complaint was not taken seriously.

"It's an unexplainable phenomenon that began to look a long time ago — said Boris Sapunoff. — Three or four collaborators were always in the room with icons, transient died of various diseases, and these coincidences began to worry me. Once the chairs were moved to the caretakers other places, all the trouble stopped. "

To understand the causes of strange illnesses, professor invited to the famous St. Petersburg Museum of psychics and mediums Marina Moloskhulovu. In the hall of her attention was attracted by two icons, which, according to the clairvoyant has had a real negative impact on the caretaker: "The Apostles Peter and Paul" and "Christ without hands." Why is their presence in the room caused the disease in women?

Marina Moloskhulova argues that the icon representing the Apostles, was written "shineth not; yea" a man with many vices, with a sick heart. "Chore he had in mind when he created the faces of the holy men." Psychic even managed to establish information communication with the late painter, who said, "I — Mitroshka, Selevanov son got on the icon of this very hungover binge. Was given to me a father to write the faces of Saints Peter and Paul in delight worshipers … And this was a reluctant icon was painted by me because there was nothing to pay a poll tax … "

Of course, what a positive bioenergy can be embedded into an icon, if you write it necessarily so even with a hangover? Moloskhulova gave a description of the impact of icons. According to her, she gave two beams minus the impact of the plan that negative effects on the liver and gall bladder — it Mitroshka created it in a position to binge.

The reason that had a negative impact icon "Vernicle" was different. That's what the psychic said: "The icon painter who created the top song was the Lord has allowed to write God's son Jesus., Which he did with great diligence and worked at the will of the Lord. But hurry painter and entrusted to his disciples lower plane — people far removed from religious piety. As a result of the connection of its energy and the energy of the two less experienced students have the energy and the failure of the triangle in the energy field throughout the icons, which draws energy resets it to the world. "

Art historian museum also noted different stylistic features of the lower and upper parts of the icon. And that's what Yeshe inteoesno. The icon was brought to the Hermitage Church of the Ascension. Psychic of this fact is not known, but also pointed out that the image has been writing for the Church of the Ascension.

After a marina Moloskhulovoy impact analysis of these icons, they were removed from the exposure of the Hermitage and moved to the store.

Unbearable frequency.

The Hermitage researchers conducted the examination and found that although most likely, icons, and do not bear direct "responsibility" for the poor state of the people, but spread around the energy that causes the human brain to vibrate at a high frequency.

Of the microwave signal is generated aura of any living or non-living object, including icons. A man came up to her — she sets its radiation directivity and frequency of his brain radiation, adjusts to search for a way out of illness or other disaster. Believers call this effect a miracle.

For his achievements painters received the blessing of the church, held the post and pray to the saint, whose image is going to write. Thus, they brought their brains in agreement with the energy-structure, which remained after his death. After all the saints were once men, but especially, has the ability to radiate energy at high frequencies. The icon painter, depicting the image of the saint of God, was a special state, becoming a receiver, "healing" of radiation. And when on board an iconic image appeared, he began to work as a generator of energy. And then a believer through the image of the saint includes subliminal setting for healing, comfort, etc.

The miracle of the suitcase.

But all the same harmful effects of some of icons — a rarity. Usually they contribute to their biofield mental and physical rehabilitation of the person.

Here, for example, what happened to Natalie Rekunova. After his grandmother's death the family of Natalia repeatedly moved from one apartment to another. Together with them, and favorite icon moved her grandmother — "Face of the Savior" in a simple copper salary. One way to get lost in the old suitcase that stuck out of sight along with the other stuff.

But that's something Natalia started a general cleaning and suddenly felt that from the corner of her closet like a hot wind blew. Hot vibrations came from a shabby suitcase, where he found an old grandmother Natalia icon. Her salary was so hot, as if to hold him at the plate.

According to the woman, she was scared at first: what if something is smoldering in the closet? But then I realized: It's all in the image of the Savior. It is reminded of himself, "asked from oblivion." And, as it turns out, is no accident — the house was soon knocked Rekunova trouble.

A doctor told her Vasilevne that her leukemia. From the tone of doctors woman realized: they do not really hope for a cure. Her despair knew no bounds. "Lord, help me" — bursting into tears, the woman fell to her knees before the image of the Savior …

Two weeks later, she went to the next appointment with the doctor, so he sent her for surgery. The doctor was amazed blood test gave the result that the figures have been Natalia as a healthy person!

Wonder what happened with Natalia Rekunova and other patients, which after talking with icons mysteriously returned health, says Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Paul Goskov:

— One of the many experiments that we carried out at the Department of Information Technology, was the following. Before the old icon only ten minutes (this is quite enough!), Raised a glass of water — for recharging. Then the grains of wheat poured as charged and normal water. The result was always the same: wheat, drenched with water, which the charge icon, germinate much better. And then do the shoots developed more actively. This is confirmed by a health effect "namolennye icons" that believers know for centuries.

My colleagues and I were taken to compare two copies of one icon, but a "list" was old, and the other is brand new. So, in effect a new copy if there was, it was much weaker.

M.Taranov "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 2

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