Bofa typhoon threatens Philippines

Bofa typhoon threatens Philippines Natural Disasters

Supertyphoon Bofa, catastrophically powerful potential of which is confirmed by all the local weather service, has reached the southern coast of the Philippine Islands. Presumably, the damage from this hurricane could exceed your losses after a hurricane in December 2011, when the islands were killed Bole 1200 people.

Interestingly, the Bofa nearly the same as his track, and also capture the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. But his power is much higher. Typhoon Bofa already assigned the fifth category of danger, the wind speed in the system reaches 265 km / h and more, with gusts up to 312 km / h As it turned out, this is the most southern of all typhoons ever to fix in the western Pacific Ocean. In addition, it can be the most powerful typhoon, which took place in the Philippines.

By mid-December 3 Bofa eye was located 490 kilometers south-east of Ginatuan southern province of Surigao del Sur. Philippines, 33 provinces have already experienced the first loss from its appearance. But since the arrival of Bofy prepared, the local government has postponed a million dollars to the fund to combat the effects of the typhoon. Previously discussed other preventive measures and actions during the activity element. For example, classes in schools in the southern and central Philippines have been suspended, all ready for a mass evacuation if needed. Have to evacuate about 40,000 people.

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