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Transfer of discussion portal visitors news that Elena Isinbayeva support the law against the promotion of homosexuality in Russia.


Michael Durniak: The main point here is that LGBT people — crazy. It's hard to believe that you can be so ignorant and uninformed as this woman. According to statistics, 15% of all people homo-oriented. Except, of course, Russia and Iran, where they are not. By the way, the normal Russian name of Stalin executed more than 2 million people, of whom 11,000 unarmed Polish soldiers. Russian — cruel, cold people and their cruelty is clearly visible in the connivance of attacks on gay teenagers.

Alfred Wright: I'm sure you've never been to Russia. I am an American and have lived here for the past nine years. Your statement that the Russian are cruel and cold people is fundamentally wrong. Yes, there have been cases beating gays. But some Americans also beat gay people in the 70s and 80s. So would you say that all Americans are cold and cruel? I feel a deep respect for the Russian people. Most Russians are hard-working, working for the welfare of their families. Moralizing about Stalin had nothing to do with the topic about gays and their rights. So, why do not we remember Truman and his two atomic bombs dropped on Japan and the killing or injury of millions of people. As I have said, these two facts have nothing to do with the above-articulated theme.

Sullivan: Do not cruel? Ask the Chechens. Ask the Eastern European countries. Ask Afghans. The list goes on.

Timedrifter: Ask the Cherokee and Sioux, Mexicans (remember, we took their half of the territory), Vietnamese, Iraqis, and, of course, once again Afghans what they think of us Americans. You'll find the same feeling, I'm sure. If you are not a Swiss citizen or a similar pacifist nation, you can not in conscience to use the argument of "cruel" against the Russian.

Norman Dostal: Most of these events occurred hundreds of years ago, Russia commits his crimes right now! At the expense of Mexico, it will probably be the last laugh with all their illegals. Muslims are killing Muslims and accuse us of it — is nonsense. In Afghanistan, living monsters who killed our people, and they deserve ruin.

Nextep: Hi! You can ask the Chechens, and if they do not kill you and answer you will get a good lesson in who is fierce. Russian has nothing to do with the Chechens, believe me. I see you've never been to Russia, and you do not know any Russian. You judge based on the information you received from your TV.

Daniel: Rzhu-can-not 15%! Propagomoganda! Ha-ha!

Adam: All of your messages on CNN, it seems, are filled with hatred for homosexuals, Daniel. What's wrong with you? Why can not you allow gays to live their lives in the world. I think that anyone who is against granting gays the same rights as straight people — it's a cruel, evil person.

Igor Gulin: Michael … looks like you know more about the Russian people than we know about ourselves. You are right, mostly Russian people did not think that this is normal, but at the same time, everybody understands that this is a personal matter. No need to discuss it in "every corner". We have a different culture and history, do not need to teach us how to live. We should respect each other, no more. If you came to Russia, can openly say that you belong to the LGBT ….. but do not start to push the idea — be like me … Good luck to you and the entire LGBT community! Russian vodka …. … connects the people of the world!

JB: It's your culture to bash and kill people who have done nothing to harm you? Create an atmosphere of fear and hatred to young gay thought that they are sick and need to simply do away with them? You can be proud of your culture.

Igor Gulin: It's a surprise to me that you know so much about Russian culture and history ….. As for the source of information? Can you share it with me, please? In any case, this is just my opinion. I would like to say once again, we have to respect other people's cultures and opinions, too … not anymore … I will not blame another culture just because I do not see the situation from the inside … I love to read stories about us from the outside …. It sounds like a fairy tale …

JB: Igor, in the last week there have been several movies in which gays and lesbians are beaten on the streets in Russia, and the police just stand there. Let's not get to debate about this footage real or not. It is real. This occurs. Even if there was no video at all, we all know, the situation for gay people in Russia will only get worse. We know what happens when there is a marginalization of minorities, when in a hurry to create a law against them. We know exactly how the story ends, because it's happened before. And you're right — I do not know much about Russian history and culture. But why you find it matter? Are the human rights universal? Or do you think Russian special human species?

Alex: Not in America legalized same-sex marriage, while the United States is a country of freedom, and what kind of assaults may then be on the Russian culture?

JB: I do not run to the Russian culture. I'm just asking — what kind of culture — constantly finding scapegoats and sometimes wet 5% of its population. You avoid the answer, but it seems to me that you think that this is indeed the component of Russian culture. As for gay marriage, America is slowly but surely moving in the right direction. And Russia is stuck where America was in the 50's. Russian still think that gay people are pedophiles, that children can "learn" to be gay and that homosexuality is threatening to society. It's embarrassing how these old-fashioned views.

Igor Gulin: Dear …. Frankly, I do not know anything about it … in fact, may have broken somewhere gays. In any case, it must deal with the police. If gay teenagers were beaten, they must make a declaration to the authorities, and the police should investigate. The guilty must be punished, the law protects equally and gay and bliss, as well as in the United States. But do not make a special case of the general conclusions. We do not believe that all Americans go to school, to kill people just because of the fact that recently there have been several such tragic cases.

van luray: My son died of AIDS. I was very tolerant of his lifestyle and became a member of the Integrated Programme for the Fight against AIDS. I support gay rights to live their lives without discrimination or persecution. I also witnessed their chaotic and unstable relationships. Their unions were very short and confused. Today, I see the logic in making antigeyskih Russian laws. Gays tearing the fabric of Russian society.

Esferr: you're lying because you did not take his life … If they live and have lived "unstable" unions, it is only because of all the prejudices and ignorance they have learned from their childhood.

DomCork: I agree that maybe you did not take your son's lifestyle. Do you think if your son was not gay, he would not have died from AIDS. Promiscuous gay lifestyle stems from the fact that in some states, people have to hide their nature and it is not easy to get sexual satisfaction. Your guess is that gays are threatening rupture of public relations in Russia looks like some believe that the rights of blacks threatened rupture of the times in the United States.

Punona: United States — a democratic country, but that gives us this democracy? Too much freedom without responsibility before God and humanity that makes America the ugly. America must export the justice, the Word of God, morality and not evil under the guise of democracy. Democracy is not a license to trample on the rights of nations to self-determination and the preservation of traditional and biblical values. America wake up!

Doug: We always have to criticize bigotry, hatred and intolerance, where they occur. We do not have to "respect the opinion" if that opinion is discriminatory. Not at all. Never. This "athlete" can be a great pole vaulter, but her opinion disgusting and should be roundly condemned.

Blackened144: Is bigotry, hatred and intolerance are bad. Did you not manifest hatred, intolerance, fanaticism of those who see a problem with homosexuality. In this case, not so bad? Or is it only bad when acting against you?

Gayana: I do not think that gay people are abnormal. Everyone has a choice of what to wear, what to eat, who to love. But same-sex marriage, parades — a little too much. You have to understand that it is not "Antigeysky law." Read carefully, this "law against gay propaganda." It's a law against homosexual propaganda, not the law against them! The crucial difference.

Dustin Goldsen: You are mistaken in thinking that gays want to impose anything on anyone. Gays do not want to prevent you from being straight, they just want the legitimacy of the relationship, not to be thrown out of the restaurant, losing a job, getting kicked or be killed. It's like racial minorities. Black people, who are a minority in a white country does not insist that you become black. Gays do not insist that you become gay. These people just want to be accepted for who they are.

Sam Adams: That's her opinion and she is entitled to it.

Dennis Knebel: Yeah, she's right. Everyone must respect the culture of other countries. So what if she came to Saudi Arabia in their finery would have stoned her, and that's all. You see how simple it is.

BeslanTruth: Nice work Dennis. It will be put to death in Saudi Arabia. But wait, why no one criticizes Saudi Arabia? Why does nobody care about their anti-gay and anti-women laws? This is because Saudi Arabia is our best friend. This is because we need their oil.

Nancyfromholland: But Russia has no right to dispose of gays in its sole discretion, as signed a number of international treaties, which take precedence over national legislation. Russian would refrain from signing them, but they are signed. And you can not just wipe the agreements.

Oracle: International laws have lost their power. Do you think the NSA spying on every internet user all over the world in accordance with approved international treaty? Drone strikes approved international treaties? The only international law "might is right"

Larper: This is Russia, not the United States. Obey the laws of this country, and there will be problems. Whether you like it or not, chewing gum in Singapore or try to sell it, it's illegal. Do not wave the rainbow flags in Russia, and will not be arrested.

Lyle: I remember, the Liberals said that America "should not become the world's policeman," when speaking about the terrorists, and then they suddenly decided to teach Russia how to behave. Russian people are too proud to be told how to live, especially liberals who believe that the degeneration — that's progress.

Dizzle56: … The funny thing is, your erroneous assumption that I was gay, could result in Russia to my arrest. Probably I would have been beaten, tortured, and finally perhaps most likely would have killed.

Dubguy: It's her opinion —Yes, but it says (literally) on behalf of all Russians. She seems to be afraid that the tolerance of the LGBT somehow infect the minds of Russians and turn "perfectly normal" people in the "problem" that will destroy the moral foundations of Russia. Quite outdated and completely unfounded thinking, if you ask me.

Evgeny: Bravo, Elena! You told the truth. Most Russians do support antigeysky law. Especially nice to read a tantrum Western media. U.S. and EU need to collect all the perverts from other parts of the world. I guess the next step degradation of the U.S. and Europe will be the legalization of bestiality and pedophilia.

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