Brazilian Colt M1911 or Taurus PT 1911

Brazilian Colt M1911 or Taurus PT 1911 Brazilian Colt M1911 or Taurus PT 1911
It is not so long ago did several articles on Brazilian Beretta 92 from the company Taurus, in which, albeit in passing, mention that it’s far not the only version of the famous gun in the embodiment of the company. This article will try to meet with another model implements a direct relative of which is, for sure, the most eminent gun Colt M1911, which in various modifications has been living for more than a century and remains with all this quite popular instrument, however, no longer in the midst of the civilian population. Will talk about the pistol Taurus PT 1911, more precisely, about the gun, but are not going to pull it all on a few articles, because they are too lazy, well, boring to write about the same from one article to another, even more so, which is very different models do not differ. Yet, try to wrap all variants of these pistols, and their entire 36, with all this gun produced since 2005.

So, in 2005 the market has a new civilian gun pistol from the Brazilian company Taurus, which is, well, very much like the gun is like Colt M1911. I can not give any history as a company «swept» to the issue of these pistols, but judging by the fact that previously seen in the Taurus was not plagiarism, all performed within the law. Well, the premise is why this is the model that is easy to grasp. If you remember how much money a Brazilian company was able to squeeze out of the Italian design pistol, then it seems reasonable to completely move in the same direction, creating their own versions of a recognizable and successful samples guns, making them the improvement. But, looking forward, I can not help but note that the same success, as the Italian version of the gun reached the RT 1911 is not, well, that background will be described below. Although you can not specify that the gun came from several different unique pistols, and about decorating from Taurus in general can do a separate article, but first things first.

Brazilian gun RT 1911 is available in 3 different variants under the munition. Since the very first version was under the gun .45 ACP, and only later came under the gun 9×19, and after, and under the .38 Super. Just flickers information network of the embodiment implements a .40 S & W, but the manufacturer is silent on this issue as a partisan. Each munition under 12 variants exist separately on the implementation of different tools that are almost always reflected in the title of the gun. But do not rely only on those labels that are on the cover-gate or frame of the gun, because they may not match the name that gave the manufacturer and which is written in the passport. This feature virtually all models of pistols Taurus, which are available in numerous variants. This is explained very simply, just the manufacturer does not bother about the inscriptions on their own weapons, and if the guard-gate from the previous model fits to the other, then it is used with the engraving of what has been done. Naturally, the disorder, but in fact, if you look, who will be there to read what is written on the gun, because the wood in the shed, and the shed is written entirely different word, and thanks to that it is not engraved on the case-gate . On the other hand, the individual parts interchangeability even between different modifications of the weapon states very highest quality production. But back to the abundance of guns, but I will say at once that, in the main, this is justified by the abundance of cosmetic differences between the models.
Modification RT 1911V is made of steel weapons, protective coating — burnishing with a blue tint, hence the font in the title guns (Blue). The length is 216 mm gun, barrel length 127 mm, weight about 1.1 kilograms, width 38 mm, height 138 mm. Powered pistol from store-row capacity from 8 to 9 rounds matter under which munitions manufactured gun. With all of this, regardless of what kind of ammunition used, the weight of the gun does not change very much. It should be noted that, in fact, this model is a kind of gun «standard» from which all others have already gone.

Subsequent modification of the gun is also made of burnished steel weapons, having blue tide. Having designation RT 1911V1, it differs from the preceding revision only in that it has rails for mounting various additional devices such as compact flashlight or laser pointer under the barrel of the gun. Almost all the characteristics she repeats previous version guns, though it is little harder, almost 50 grams, but it is not a significant difference in weight, so pay attention to it, especially because of the full-sized question gun instead of a small-sized model. Represented by this modification of this gun is usually PT 1911 AR, but also can meet and options such as a RT in 1911, with the usual options implements modifications title on the cover, there is no gate, although it is not as critical because the main features visible to the naked eye.

The next version of tools made of burnished steel weapons with blue tint — this RT 1911V3. This version of the gun especially fascinating, because he has already made compact model, very very reminiscent Colt CCO. In general, the compactness in this case, as in the case with a unique model that can be read only conditionally. The length is 197 mm gun, barrel length is 108 mm, height same — 131 mm, weight — about 900 g, shop row, with a capacity of 6-7 rounds, depending on the particular variant guns used by patrons. Unlike ordinary pistol, can be used under all three ammunition, unique, as I remember, used only .45 ACP, so that in this respect the Taurus gun has an advantage. As already noted above, this instrument can hardly be called a small-sized, but the company, like other manufacturers of similar little pup from a unique model pistols, said some indescribable way Show properties in this gun like a pistol compact created to shelter wearing . How it all mixed with, popravde, dvadtsatisantimetrovoy fool, weighing almost a kilo unclear. Apparently, in the midst of the producers or the people are very large, which allows the body to wear a gun nestled, or they prefer to walk in robe, under which the Maxim machine gun and hide can be, well, or I with them different ideas about carrying concealed. But will not stay directly on this variant RT 1911.

Followed by one that is also made of burnished gunmetal blue tide is 1911V model RT-BHW. This gun is a full-size model, weighing about 1.1 kilograms, a length of 216 mm, the length of the barrel with all this 127 mm and maximum thickness of 38 mm guns, gun height is 138 millimeters, magazine capacity of 8 to 9 rounds depending on the modification by Munitions. So Makarov gun goes completely standard in all their characteristics, as well as a separate modification he was taken only as overlays on the handle differ from unique, named this option stick Bull’s Head Walnut, is different, in my opinion only the lining, and what they are there and of which are made, or wood, or horn, honestly no no desire to understand. Well, because the truth is no different from the basic version, not counting the overlays, which separated into a modification at all clear. Apparently, we do not realize the breadth of the Brazilian soul.

Yes, and it still was not the latest model of the «blue», another option is quite fascinating guns — it 1911VNS RT. It differs, first, from the others in that it is elongated handle that allows for a more capacious stores, however, they all just single row, so that capacity reached more than primitive. Main dimensions guns have not changed, although due to a longish handle nekordinalno exchanged silhouette guns, so it seems that this modification has a small gun barrel, but it is not. The length is 216 mm gun, barrel length 127 mm, maximum thickness of 38 mm, but the height of almost 170 mm with inserted magazine. Naturally, increased weight and guns, which is equal to 1.22 kilograms unloaded. Store became accommodate from 12 to 14 rounds depending on the modification tools for patrons. Generally, in my opinion, is the most unreasonable and foolish modification, because it really warped silhouette guns, made him some toy for overgrown instead of just the big gun, in general, the taste and color of all the markers are different, so it’s just my private world.

Stainless steel instrument is not less than the modifications made pistols from the armory steel, burnished. Standard model in the midst of the «white» is the pistols RT 1911SS. This gun is one hundred percent corresponds to all parameters similar modification burnished. Generally this particular gun, for unknown reasons, is a «flagship» in the middle of all modifications of the RT 1911. Specifically for some reason this particular favorite gun buyers, although I like the model in black performing, but here again is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Gun RT 1911SS1 also made of stainless steel, but it differs from the standard model, the presence of a guide for mounting various devices under the barrel. On the housing gate inscription PT 1911 AR, although it may simply be the designation RT 1911. Dimensions guns, as well as the capacity of his store will remain the same, but the weight nekordinalno increased to 1.2 kilograms.

Modification RT 1911SS-BHW is a standard model, in which were changed pads on the handle, as well as a similar modification made in black performing unclear what its manufacturer allocated separately. In this modification of stainless steel finished and the really noteworthy standards, which are incorporated into the design of individual components of light alloy, which reduces the weight of the gun.

Such modifications are only two — RT and RT 1911AL 1911ALR, both options guns frame is made of duralumin alloy that has a positive effect on the weight of the gun. Thus, in the first case, the weight is 930 grams, 2nd same — 955 gr. Naturally, such a reduction in weight «drop in the ocean», but still. For all other characteristics the same instrument completely repeats the standard model, including the magazine capacity. Worth mentioning separately as well and that on the reliability and durability use of lightweight alloys have virtually no impact, so that the whole innovation is only a positive impact on the gun.

Well, the last version of tools, the likes of which I call «Frankenstein’s monster» and here’s why. The fact that the modification of the gun with the name of PT 1911DT has a frame type 1, and other housing-gate. Maybe for someone burnished frame and casing shutter stainless steel perfectly mixed together, but I have a feeling they call «blinded him from what happened.»

Stay on the mechanism of automatic carefully will not, because in this matter fully gun is no different from the original, and the system of automatic Colt M1911 pistol in fine detail in almost all other articles. The trigger mechanism also decided to throw a simple act with the possibility of safety cocking the hammer. In addition, the security instrument provides appeal with non-automatic safety switch which is duplicated on both sides of the gun. When you turn on the trigger safety device is fixed in the cocked position, also locked casing shutter guns. And that’s not all. On the back of the handle button placed on a circuit breaker that shuts «descent» guns in their own normal state. And, of course, did not work without a lock, locking trigger mechanism, which is now posted on the trigger of the gun, so that it can not immediately see. Sights gun open, removable, made up of the rear sight and front sight, which are mounted on the seats of the «dovetail». On the shell-gate are the deepest notches, allowing to produce an instrument of manipulation, even if your hands are protected by several gloves, safety bracket is quite large, but does not have to own the front part of the basin to accommodate the index finger second holding hands. The magazine eject button and pretty much acts of folded, but accidentally pressed virtually eliminated because of its location and quite hard stroke. Pistol handle is quite large and is unlikely to fit people with small size palm.

By the main advantages of the RT 1911 pistols should first carry that gun is not refreshed enough different from the ‘classics of the genre «in the main nodes, despite the fact that it was supplemented by individual trifles. Highest reliability, simplicity of design, pretty cute appearance, this is only for the benefit of the Brazilian version of the famous pistol. At the same time modern call this gun can not be even loosely, furthermore, it can hardly be attributed to weapons and self-defense, in other words, this gun is a standard that will intrigue lovers only veselitelnoy and shooting sports, and of those who wish to have one of the options really famous guns. The family of the guns could not repeat what they did Brazilian Beretta 92 at the time, and there are a huge amount of weight impartial circumstances. First, despite the diversity of the RT 1911, these pistols close only a small part of the market demand civilian guns. Second as a prerequisite is that this gun is really outdated and most though respectfully refers to the pensioner, but also choose the newer standards. Still looking to buy this gun, even in the U.S. market, where quite unusual weapon options, more than enough, and I understand them perfectly — the classics of arms.

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