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In 2011, in Brooklyn, there were several dozen high-profile crimes, which became known far beyond the borders of New York City and the United States. As the official statistics of criminal activity in the most densely populated borough of the Big Apple will not appear until the first quarter of 2012, "RB" decided to recall the most high-profile criminal incidents, most of which is still under investigation.

Monstrous and devoid of any logic killing 8-year-old Leiby dumplings community of Orthodox Jews Borough Park. 35-year-old Levi Aron, a resident Kingsingtona, hoisted returning from a day camp child in the car and drove to his home, where killed and hacked to pieces. During the interrogation, Aron was not able to explain the reason for the crime. "It all happened spontaneously," — he said.

Thanks to the efforts of lawyers preliminary medical examination recognized Aaron insane. However, the investigation is continuing and it is not clear where, ultimately, the killer go — in prison or a mental hospital.

Maniac Gelman

23-year-old resident of narkozavismy Shipskhedbeya Maksim Gelman killed four people: three of them with a kitchen knife and stabbed one to death knocked on the car. As one of New York blogger wrote, "Gelman is as a disgrace to the Russian-American community, as Cho Seung-Hui, a massacre at the University of Virginia Tech, for the Korean community."

While under arrest, Gelman behaved arrogantly and cynically. He said that "for what he did he did not," and soon his "declared insane and set free."

November 30 killer was found guilty on all counts. The final verdict of the judge read out the January 11, 2012. Most likely, the rest of my life Gelman spend in prison.

Festive bandit

The robber Marat Mihaylichu managed to briefly lead the list of the most wanted criminals of America, which is constantly updated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation — FBI). In total, he robbed nine banks in Brooklyn and Queens for $ 70,000. Mihaylichu money needed to buy heroin.

People who knew Mihaylicha to drug addiction, respected him for his honesty, sincerity, humility and a great sense of humor. Even during the bank robbery, he behaved quite honorably and forced the clerks to give money to only one demonstration of the gun.

The robber has pleaded guilty to all the charges and agreed to return the stolen $ 70,000 from his own pocket. He faces up to 17 years in prison.

Shooting on Brighton

At the height of the summer season several members of the gang opened fire on Brighton Beach. During the shooting killed 16-year-old Taisha Jones. Five other victims were taken to the hospital.

The incident was seriously frightened residents of Brighton Beach, among which, as we know, many Russian-speaking pensioners. Employees of the 60th police station on Coney Island were heavily criticized by the public for poor performance. Many residents have complained that the police do not respond to reports of crimes.

It must be said that the activity of gangs, in whose ranks consist primarily African Americans and Latinos in 2011 increased, as in Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

The murder of Larisa and Tatyana Prikhodko

27-year-old Larisa and 56-year-old Tatyana Prikhodko were brutally slaughtered friend Nikolai Rakosi, who flew to Russia in a few hours after the murder.

About Rakosi know that he served in the Special Forces and has repeatedly been in trouble spots. U.S. media called him "Russian Rambo." What made this "superhero" kill two innocent and defenseless women — is unclear.

The fate of the Rakosi after the crime is not known. In the international wanted list, he has not declared, and Russia, as we know, does not extradite its citizens to other countries.

Shooting in Brownsville school

As a result of firing in the 298 schools (district — Brownsville) killed 31-year-old Zura Horton — the mother of 13 children. She was walking near the school and told his girlfriend that's pregnant again. A stray bullet hit her in the face.

Horton's body had been lying on the tarmac for nearly an hour. Many passers-by did not see no blood, no injury, and therefore avoided another living woman party. Immediate medical attention could have saved her life.

This incident is the city press has ignored. "In our area, this is the number of crimes that sometimes they are not even paying attention to the police, what can we say about the journalists," — said a resident of Brownsville.

Brothel with an income of $ 7,000,000

Escort service called High Class NY (Shipskhedbey) brought the creators of about $ 7 million over three years. Seventeen arrested charged with corruption, promoting prostitution, money laundering and drug dealing.

In the High Class NY worked elite prostitutes who took over night to $ 10,000. Among the organizers and staff members of the criminal community — Russian-speaking immigrants (Chapter — Mikhail Yampolsky).

The investigation of the case is likely to drag on for years. The indictment includes as many as 144 points. To understand all the intricacies of the case to the court quickly fail.

Pride killed Figoski

47-year veteran of the Police Department of New York (New York Police Department — NYPD) Peter Figoski was killed by a bullet 27-year-old robber Lamont Pride. The incident occurred in one of the most deprived areas of Brooklyn — East New York.

For 22 years of police work Figoski made more than 200 arrests, for which he received a total of 12 medals. In the early 90's, he even participated in the capture of a serial killer nicknamed Zodiac (not to be confused with the Zodiac, which kept at bay in California, 60 — 70 years). In addition, Figoski had been a good father of four daughters.

Human rights activists are afraid that the death of Figoski could cause racial conflict in Brooklyn and New York City. The victim — a successful white man, and the killer — an African American with a long criminal biography.

Gunfight in Crown Heights

32-year-old Leroy Webster, armed with a pistol Ruger, fired indiscriminately at passers-by in the area of Crown Heights. The victims of the killer were 23-year-old Denise Gay, and 29-year-old Esi Johnson.

When arrived at the scene police, Webster and opened fire on them. 35-year-old Omar Medina officer was wounded in the arm and side, and the 29-year-old Dickens Avici two wounded in the arm. Fortunately, the police managed to shoot Webster.

This case was a continuation of a long chain of crimes when gunmen opened for no reason shooting at others, and then wait for the police deprive them of life.

Murder accountant Larisa Komsky

50-year-old Larissa Komsky — hard working woman accountant and tax expert unidentified man was stabbed to death a few meters from his home.

Neighbors told that for a few minutes before the murder, Komsky with someone for a long time cursing. The killer, according to investigators, was driving her to the car, and when Komsky out of the vehicle, joined her in the war of words and struck several times with a knife. A woman died from bleeding a few minutes later.

According to investigators main motive is the professional activity of Larissa Komsky. It is possible that the attacker — one of its clients or business partners.

With health insurance fraud

As a result, large-scale operation, which took place in different cities of the country, security forces detained 111 health care workers who had stolen a total of $ 225 million. Brooklyn doctor, proctologist Boris Sachakov, for example, have been charged with stealing $ 6.5 million he earned in operations to remove hemorrhoids. The vast majority of these operations, he even did not hold.

Overall, crime in Medicare and Medicaid has become much less, as Governor Cuomo and Attorney Schneiderman took Brooklyn medical offices and a hospital under tight control.

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