C-400 had shot an excellent

MOSCOW, December 13. (ARMS-TASS). Calculations of anti-aircraft missile regiment of S-400 during the shooting at a military Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region destroyed all the simulated enemy targets, including ballistic. This was reported by Itar-Tass news service of the Western Military District, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

"In the field firing participated Regiment, rearmed to a new air defense missile system (SAM), S-400" Triumph "- he said, adding that" the calculations showed high accuracy and reliability of the new weapons in repelling a simulated enemy missile attack. "

 Photo source:yandex.ru

"As part of the exercise simulated a question cover for ground troops and facilities from missile attacks and air strikes — said Bobrun. — On ground targets were released target missile, 30 percent. which simulated the complex goals, moving along a ballistic trajectory. All targets were detected in a timely manner, taken to support and killed at the entrance to the distant border of the affected area of the complex. "

According to the head of the press service, "the personnel of the regiment showed a high degree of knowledge and professionalism in the practical work on the new S-400, which made it possible to perform a live fire rated" excellent. "

"In the short term, the complex will be put on combat duty in the Kaliningrad region and provide a solid protection for overhead lines in the west of Russia", — said Bobrun.

SAM new generation S-400 is designed to engage aircraft jammers, reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, hypersonic objects and other current and future air attack. The complex has a significantly superior tactical and technical capabilities to those of the S-300 and on the area and on the effectiveness of, and in the diversity of the targeted objectives.

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