C-500 will defend Moscow

Troops of Aerospace Defense (ASD), protecting the airspace above the center of Moscow and Russia are preparing to the adoption a new air defense missile system (ADMS) C-500. It is reported Jan. 29 the agency "Interfax" referring to the commander of the operational-strategic command (OSK) EKR Valery Ivanov. Now in service with the Russian army aerospace defense are the S-300 and S-400. According to Ivanov, together with acceptance into service the S-500 is planned to increase the number of S-400, and use a new air defense missile systems "Armour-C." According to Ivanov, for the troops EKR, which serves many officers, it is important to train young officers. Currently, a set of cadets in military schools suspended due to an excess of officers in the army. But, according to Ivanov, set in the near future students will be renewed.
Operational-strategic command of the aerospace defense created in the summer of 2009, and since November 2010 and is headed by Lieutenant General Ivanov, who had previously been head of the Far Eastern Air Force and Air Defense Association. On creation of the C-500 with dates for completion in 2012, the media reported in 2009 was later announced adoption of a C-500 in 2015 is planned that the S-500 is compact and maneuverable S-400 system but will exceed its combat capabilities.

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