Canada: Children's camp in Edmonton, hit by storm

July 4, 2013. A powerful storm attacked the children's camp in the north-east of Edmonton, Canada. As a result, 19 children and two vacationing employee camp suffered multiple cuts, scrapes and bruises. All the victims were sent to a local hospital for medical treatment. Fortunately, the injuries are not life threatening resting guys.

As it turned out, the storm came in about 21:30 pm local time and was accompanied by very strong winds (up to 100 km / h), making it possible elements for a few minutes easily reversed, and destroy 18 of 30 tented cabins (teepee) in which there are 178 children 43 employees. The fact that the tent city is located in a narrow valley, only eased the task of the storm. None of the rest is not lost in the storm and is now either in the hospital or in the main building of the camp, where students spent the night in sleeping bags.

It is known that Canada's weather service announced on the eve of a storm warning of the high likelihood of the storm, which was formed just a few hours later. The camp in Edmonton knew about the impending disaster, and between 21 and 22 o'clock in the evening, he was just in the process of evacuation, but the storm was ahead of all. Now the camp is temporarily closed and around Edmonton knocked down trees and power lines.


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