Certified new model of the AN? 148

March 28, 2013 "Antonov" got Supplement Type Certificate issued by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee, a new model of the An-148-100EM created for the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Certification testing of the airplane were conducted in the period from 25 January to 18 February 2013 on the basis of JSC "VASO".

The layout of the An-148-100EM includes: Main passenger cabin, business class and medical facilities, which provides the ability to install from 2 to 6 specialized medical modules (development of JSC "District") to ensure the provision of a full in-flight medical assistance to victims . For more efficient use of the aircraft, medical units and part of the Economy seat can be transported in an underground space.
On the basis of the operator 148-100EM can be converted into any of the five options: passenger, staff and three passenger and medical options.  
Executed certification program tests included evaluation of various options layouts aircraft providing passenger and injured. Were tested operation of loading / unloading of affected aircraft, including using a special ladder, and how to escape the aircraft. Three test flights were evaluated and modified systems of the newly installed equipment. At the same evaluated the possibility of carrying up to 6 victims and monitoring their condition using special medical equipment, providing them with medical care. The tests were conducted with the participation of experts and Certification Center FGKU "Tsentrospas."
For information: 148-100EM is a new family of regional jet aircraft An-148, designed to carry 68-89 passengers to a distance of 4400 km. Currently, 16 An-148 operated by the airlines of the three countries of the world. Since the start of commissioning in June 2009, these aircraft have transported more than 1 million 600 thousand people, made more than 28,500 flights a total of more than 50,000 hours, have mastered more than 40 airports around the world.

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