Chaos in UK airspace due to haze

Chaos in UK airspace due to haze Weather and Climate

Dozens of flights from landing and taking off from a number of UK airports have been canceled because of a sudden deterioration in the weather conditions, especially due to cold weather and thick fog. Bans on aircraft continued operating for the day.

London Heathrow Airport is not able to send their planes on schedule in a number of European cities, such as Warsaw, Nice, Stockholm, Aberdeen and several German towns. With stable and dense fog airport management decided not to risk and dramatically reduced the number of vessels per hour, which allowed land to poor visibility due to aircraft not arranged piles on the Strip.

A similar situation exists in the smaller London City Airport. Forecasters explain such severe weather conditions that Britain is right in the center of a cold front, the temperature in some regions does not rise above -10 ° C. Fog is present not only in the south-east coast of the country, but a little closer to the middle of the north island, to the east of Wales, also in Bristol.

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