China has found a hill on a slope which water flows up



China has found a hill on a slope which water flows up
14.11.03, the



In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China, an anomalous hill, the hill where the water does not flow down, and up, said Monday the agency "Zhongguo sinven."
Strange Hill discovered two tourists in the mountain range, located 10 km from the village Bantszegou County Jitang. The events with them on, do not give explanations. For example, stopping the car in which they traveled, located at the bottom of the hill on top of the V-shaped cavity and removing it from the brakes, the tourists were surprised to find that the car he was moving up the western slope with increasing speed, which at the time of reaching the top of the slope reached 30 kmch.
Even more astounding tourists was the fact that the water is spilled on the western slope, not flowed down, and up, toward the top.
Some experts try to explain these anomalies geological features of the area, reports "Interfax".
However, these facts are confirmed by testing performed by Lanzhou University Professor Fan Xiaoming at the end of the last century. Thus, at the local site 60 m all round objects machine with the engine off spontaneously move upwards, moreover — and water flows upward along the slope with an inclination of 15 degrees.
To drive in this area by car, bike or even on roller skates, you need to forget about all logic. The driver when lifting necessary to press on the brake instead of the gas as the car begins to accelerate.
Professor Fan Xiaoming believes the reason for such an anomalous phenomenon of geomagnetism or changes in atmospheric pressure. Just in case everyone to look at how the water flows downhill, do not down, and up, warn often in people who have been to these "mysterious" places in the future there are psychopathic, they start to get sick often, been several deaths.
     In the world there are a few such places
Previously mentioned several times about the strange phenomena occurring near the hill Megure (in Romanian — "mound") in the town of Bacau in Romania. There, in the early 90's was found great treasure — 2000 silver coins of the Roman Emperor Trajan. Following this finding, some unknown force has become push any foreign objects — even cars — with the foot of the hill. Local correspondents sent to investigate and spoke about his experience: "The hood machines rose, as if the action of a powerful underground springs and the car went back to the top of the hill".
In addition, the actual repetition of anomalies in China, there is a Izraile.Ochevidets argues that far from Beit Shemesh water also rises up the hill. Tourist heard plenty of stories about a similar phenomenon, decided to experiment — he stopped on the mountain car, put it on the "neytralku" and let go of the brake. Contrary to expectations, the car rolled up.
However, according to the tourist, it is not related to the magnetic properties as well as plastic balls rolling down the hill is wonderful. In the picture we see how spilled water does not flow down, and up — to the edge of the pass, which is quite clearly visible. This anomaly is observed all over the road, about 600 meters up the road to the intersection with the main highway.
One witness to explain such phenomena could not, but said that this place is esoterically unusual — it is associated with the loss of the Ark of the Covenant. It is in these places, the Jews lost quite a large chest with stone tablets, which were inscribed the 10 Commandments.
On the other anomalous areas detected both in China and around the world can be found here.


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