China: In Xinjiang, the snow fell, and the floods Jiangsu rain

June 21, 2013. In the north-west of China in the summer of snow fell unexpectedly. Snowfall in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region continued all night. Pastures Bayanbulaka completely covered with snow.

Dropped about 29 mm of rain, and the temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius.

Although the cities of old snow caused confusion and traffic jams for people in rural areas the weather — in joy, because in this region are often drought, but now there is hope for a good harvest.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring province of Gansu — floods and landslides. Rain did not stop there for two days. In half a day has fallen about 200 mm of rain. In distress were 11 villages.

In the city of Tianshui element has destroyed 252 homes. In addition, flood waters washed away the only bridge that connected with the outside world the local school. In isolation were about 100 students and teachers. Later, they were able to evacuate.

As of Friday morning, seven villages remained without electricity and communications, about 10,000 people are not able to move to a safe place.

Rainfall in the region continues.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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