CHINESE Destroyers receive their «Tomahawk»

CHINESE Destroyers receive their
Forum Chinese portal published photos of freight ship launcher variant KR-range CJ-10, which is meant the forum participants, runs tests on the towing vehicle 891.
KR-range CJ-10 (ChangJiang-10, or Long Sword — «Long Sword») with a range of 2,200 km and placed on a self-propelled launcher, is in service with the PLA around since the mid-2000s. For the first time this missile system was demonstrated at the military parade in 2009 in honor of the 60th anniversary of a day or founding of the PRC. It is believed that the missile was developed on the basis of the Kyrgyz Republic «Kite» staged Ukraine. There is also a version of KR CZ-10Zai airborne, which are equipped with H-6 bombers (Tu-16). Reported the development of variants with increased up to 3000 + km range, which has the designation CJ-20.
In general, expressed also speculate that inside the transport-launch containers can be disposed missile new standard.
The forum participants believe that version of the ship the CD can go into service destroyers Type 052S, which significantly increment the ability of the Chinese Navy for strikes on strategic military and economic targets located deep in enemy terrain. According to its characteristics, this corresponds to an American missile «Tomahawk». Chinese KR dignity as the «Tomahawk» is the placement of turbofan inside the housing, while the Russian KR X-55 is armed with a retractable power plant, which significantly increases the visibility radar missiles.

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